10 best romance games for Android and iPhone

When we talk about video games, we usually remember Nintendo games or the Fortnite phenomenon – learn how to play Fortnite on Android. But there is also room for stories about passions and relationships. Romance games may not get as much love as shooting games or multiplayer games, there is a niche with very interesting titles that pass away from violent clashes or mustachioed plumbers who jump on turtles.

To get to know a little more of the genre and maybe fall in love with some of these stories, we’ve put together 10 of the best romance games for Android and iPhone.

1. Florence

Most romance games follow the interactive storyline. As if it were a movie in which you decide the dialogues and actions of the protagonist.

Florence follows this line, telling the story about the beginning and end of the protagonist’s first relationship. Through this story, the game seeks to create a relationship between the story and the personal experiences of those who are playing.

The game dialogs are created as if you were in puzzle games, it is up to you to put the pieces together to form a line of dialogue. The harder the conversation, the more complicated the answers will be.

Florence also stands out for her artistic style, reminiscent of a simple yet engaging comic. The game is available on Android and iPhone .

2. Ghost Love Story

Inspired by anime, Ghost Love Story follows the story of a girl with a difficult dilemma. She must decide whether to start a relationship with her best friend or start a new relationship with her boss, who has just declared herself.

The decision may seem easy at first glance, but there is a complicating: the best friend has passed away and returned as a ghost. And the main regret of the protagonist’s life was not to have declared to him before his departure.

To decide, you will enter the life of this girl and interact with several characters. Which one are you staying with? Download Ghost Love Story on Android to choose!

3. Is it Love? I drown

Liked the idea of romance games with a supernatural hint like Ghost Love Story? Is-It Love? Drogo is also a good option.

You follow the story of a newly admitted exchange student at Mystery Spell University. In it, you will meet the inhabitants of the house, including potential candidates for a novel.

But rumor has it that they are vampires. You can decide which (or which!) Of them will relate as the story unfolds.

4. Gone Home

At first glance, Gone Home will look like a horror story. But make no mistake, behind the seemingly dark background, you will unravel a love story full of complexities and questions.

As an exchange student who has just returned home, you arrive to find that there is no one home. To solve the apparent mystery, you must explore your family’s home by reading notes, diaries, and scattered notes.

We will not spoil, but these notes are key to understanding the nuances, conflicts, anguishes and good moments lived in that house. Gone Home was developed by the same Florence studio and is available for iPhone via the link .

5. Roommates

In this game, you can take on the role of Max and Annie, who are moving to a new college. Roommates follow the novel visual genre, focusing on dialogues and relationships.

The goal is to be able to survive through the second year, amid demanding teachers, testing and nurturing peer relationships. Roommates can be played on both Android and iPhone .

6. Episode: Choose Your Story

Among the romance games on this list, Episode: Choose your Story is one that has the most potential to hook you for hours on end.

So far, we have presented games with ready-made stories, without much variation in the final result. In this title, you can play thousands of different stories.

In addition to living different stories, Episode: Choose Your Story allows you to create your own, with origin, development and different outcomes. Learn more about the game by visiting their page on the App Store or Google Play .

7. Hatoful Boyfriend

If none of these romance games caught your attention, maybe Hatoful Boyfriend can do it.

The reason is quite simple: what if, instead of another human being, you related to pigeons? This is the premise of one of the strangest games to be designed.

But do not think it’s just pigeons eating corn on the farm: each one has its own personalities, hobbies, and style. You can choose which one to relate to, strange as it may seem.

Hatoful Boyfriend is available only on the iPhone. Click on the link to download to get to know this fun and bizarre story.

8. Serafina’s Saga

In the role of a protagonist who lived only in the forest with her guardian, you must leave your house to rescue him. However, this will make the protagonist know the world that exists beyond the limits of the forest.

With this premise, Serafina’s Saga is a story shrouded in mysteries about the protagonist and her master. However, there is only one way to solve things and the game has about 10 different endings based on your decisions.

See more about Serafina’s Saga by downloading it on Android or iOS .

9. Linda Brown: Interactive Story

An interactive series, you will also live the story of the protagonist who gives the game its name.

However, unlike Serafina’s Saga, Linda Brown: Interactive Series is happening in the present times. The protagonist must relate to the various characters in the plot, in order to discover mysteries not explained by the game.

Weekly, the team behind the game releases new episodes for free, with new stories for you to play. Download the game on your Android or iPhone and iPad .

10. If My Heart Had Wings

Closing our list with best romance games for Android and iPhone, we have If My Heart Had Wings.

Also using the Japanese cartoon style, the game follows the story of Aoi Minase, a boy who dreamed of being a sprinter but had his dreams destroyed after suffering an accident.

Upon meeting Kotori Habane, a wheelchair, they come together to revive an extinct hang gliding club at their high school. But history does not get stuck with it. In Aoi’s role, you will meet many other characters and relate to them.

If My Heart Had Wings is available on Android or iPhone.

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