11 Best Apps to Record Screen for iPhone, Andorid and PC

Videos have become the main way to consume content on the Internet. That does not mean that other formats like text, images, and podcasts will end. But that videos will keep your domain on web content for a long time. And that’s why you need to know some apps to record videos.

So get to know some of the best apps to record videos below:

1. Movavi Video Suite

Ideal for those who prefer to create their videos on the computer. Movavi Video Suite is a set of programs gathered in one.

Through it, you can edit your videos, convert videos to various formats or even record videos from your PC screen. Movavi also makes your work easier by relying on an easy way, which automatically creates the videos from your files.

2. FilmoraGo

The editor brings a varied range of possibilities, even compared to video editors for PC .

It allows you to create presentations with your phone files – images, slides and music – as well as bring all the basic editing tools, such as cropping, resizing and a library of effects, sounds and elements to include in your productions. Download FilmoraGo on Android or iPhone .

3. VideoShop

This iPhone video editor is designed for beginners. It brings a wide range of fast editing tools. It allows your users to add music, apply filters and merge multiple videos into one, among several others. Click the link to see VideoShop.

4. Apple Clips

Another exclusive of the iPhone, Apple Clips is one of the applications to record videos ideal for those who need to create simple content. It allows you to record and take pictures, besides putting different types of filters, songs, and animated texts, among others.

Apple Clips makes it easy to share your videos recorded on social media. That is, you can record your video, apply small edits and send directly to your profiles. Click the link to download Apple Clips.

5. Splice

A simple and fast editor on iPhone and iPad, Splice lets you create videos from your phone’s media. Just select your photos, music and video clips and, from there, include elements and texts to improve your work.

You can also make small edits like cropping, changing the playback speed, and changing the order of the clips.

6. Quik

For Android users who are not happy with the amount of Android unique in this list of apps to record videos, Quik is one of the best options.

Created by the manufacturer of GoPro cameras, it is also incredibly simple. Just choose your photos and videos and it will create the clips automatically. You can add transitions, effects, music and texts then by posting it on social media. Access the link to download Quik.

7. VivaVideo

Serves as one of the applications to record videos, but also makes it possible to create presentations and video editions. Its interface is in storyboard form  , allowing you to have a preview of how your video will stay.

From there, you can import recordings, add elements, overlay text, and change speed, among others. VivaVideo is also exclusively for Android and can be downloaded from the link.

8. Camera +

To record better videos on your iPhone, getting limited only to the basic camera app may not be enough. But Apple itself offers a solution with Camera +. The app is paid but expands the capabilities of your camera exponentially.

Among the features, the Camera + has advanced tools for camera control and image editing, plus continuous flash and digital zoom up to 6x. Learn more about Camera + via the link .


Camera + is an option that serves as a photo app or video recorder. IMovie is the definitive app for anyone looking for apps to record videos. Although it is more complex than most of the apps shown here, it is also one of the most complete – as well as free.

It brings all sorts of functions, such as exclusive Apple filters, slow motion and fast forward and other split-screen effects, among many others. Download iMovie for free on your iPhone.

10. Adobe Premiere Clip

If we are talking about photos or videos, it is difficult to leave Adobe softwares from outside. Adobe Premiere Clip is the company’s solution among applications for recording videos.

It is ideal for beginners who want to practice, as it has a manual mode – in which you control the entire editing process – and the automatic, which picks up your media and does the work for you. Adobe Premiere Clip can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

11. Magisto

Magisto is the ideal app for editing video with photos. Just choose your best images and put them in the right sequence that the application will create a video presenting each of them. Note that you can also add transition effects and songs to make your presentation more elaborate.

Download Magisto on your Android or iPhone.

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