Guide to Choose Best Home Theater fit for your needs in India 2020

If you want to buy the best home theater, you must necessarily know what are the characteristics that must identify this type of instrument.

Here is all you need to know about these devices: keep on reading our buying guide that will help you choose the best model that’s right for you.

What it is and what it is used for

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The home theater system is an instrument, composed of different parts such as speakers and amplifiers, which has a very specific final objective, that is to reproduce the audio contents as if you were in a cinema or theater.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary to take into consideration some technical aspects thanks to which it is possible to have the opportunity to take advantage of an excellent audio output and enjoy a film, as well as other television programs, in a totally different way than the classic and more engaging one.

How does it work

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The home theater system works very simply: after it is connected to the smart TV or a blu ray player via the audio output cable, the different speakers receive an input, which can be wireless or via cable.

To determine which speakers are to produce that sound is the console that characterizes the home theater system, whose task is to distribute, correctly after analyzing it, each individual sound, so that the speaker that must enter function can be activated without any complications.

The operating method is therefore very simple to exploit and thanks to a good installation you can make the most of this tool

How to choose the best home theater

To choose the best home theater system you need to be aware of a series of basic characteristics: the number of speakers, the wattage and power, the choice of managing the wires or not and the position of the system play a really crucial role in choice. Read on to learn more.

Number of speakers (2.1 or 5.1)

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The choice on cases 2.1 or 5.1 represents a dilemma that often sends those who must make this purchase into total confusion.

With the 2.1 speakers you will get a Dolby Surruond effect, i.e. you will have a pleasant audio quality that tends to expand throughout the room: high and low tones will be extremely pleasant to hear and above all the voices, as well as the other sounds, will be quite refined.

5.1 offers Dolby Digital quality: the main difference is simply that the sound will be more engaging and with some greater effect but, at the same time, it will be less refined.

Therefore, the choice must fall on the basis of the audio quality to be exploited and the size of the room in which this system is to be installed.

Wattage and power

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On the wattage and power front, RMS and PMPO data must be taken into consideration.

  • The first of the two indicates what will be the power beyond which the sound will be completely distorted: for example a wattage of 500 indicates that beyond that power, its will be distorted.
  • The second type of wattage indicates, however, the maximum limit tolerated by the diffuser: this means that once that threshold is exceeded, you risk damaging the diffuser and therefore having to make repairs to the same system.

Therefore it is necessary to try to carefully evaluate these two data: a good home theater system must have a power and wattage of at least 600 KW so that you can make the most of the system without risking damaging it.

System with Wires or Wireless?

The best solution is represented by a wireless device, since thanks to the absence of cables it is possible to position the different speakers in the best way, avoiding that they cannot be placed in the back of the room or on the sides using the entire perimeter of the bedroom of your home where you want to build the home theater system.

In addition, the absence of cables also prevents that feeling of disorder and the implementation of interventions to conceal cables.

If the house, especially the room where you want to build this system, does not have excessive dimensions, you can have the opportunity to take advantage of the version with the wires, a detail to be taken into consideration.

Where to place the sound system

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On the implant positioning front, the number of speakers and satellites must be taken into consideration.

The largest one must be positioned centrally with respect to its position: that it is placed above or below the TV, this box must be central, since it is the main one of the system.

The two side speakers must instead be placed on the right and left of the TV, at the same distance: in this way, theirs can be heard with the same quality, thus managing to create a sort of balance with the different speakers and therefore enjoy an exit perfect sound.

Finally, there are the rear speakers, those that will give you the feeling of being present in the location where that scene is taking place: the position must be distant from the TV and try to place these two speakers parallel to the front ones.

This will create an audio perimeter that is pleasant to hear and able to completely immerse you in the sound, guaranteeing you a top quality final result.

Best home theater

In this paragraph you can find all the best home theaters by price range, a subdivision that helps future buyers in an informed choice.

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Final considerations and conclusions

On this page you have been able to discover the purchase guide to the best home theater on the market.

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