7 Best free FPS games for Android on the Google Play Store!

Apps are the lifeblood of any smartphone and make more and more part of our day today. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best free games on the Google Play Store.

This time the theme is the FPS and believe, the Play Store is stuffed with titles of the genre. However, here we make a point of bringing together the games with the best rankings and preferably free.

We are talking about games where you have the sight in the first person and the objective is to shoot, to be without bullets, to recharge and to shoot a little more. Whether by online mode or through a campaign with history.

This list of free games will fill your weekend of pure action

First of all, I want to highlight MaskedGun, which is obviously a “copy” of the popular Fortnite. This Battle Royale brings you a similar mechanic but has good analysis and simple, fluid gameplay.

Next, I recommend the Modern Combat 5: FPS eSports, one of the most respected FPS mobile games. This title combines elements of legendary games like Call of Duty to bring you moments of action in a chaotic setting. Definitely a “must have” for any adept of shooting games.

7 games First Person Shooter free in the Google Play Store

MaskGun ® Multiplayer FPS

ShadownGun Legends

Hitman Sniper

Modern Combat 5: FPS eSports

Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS

Forward Assault

Blitz Brigade – The FPS Online!

In conclusion, this is the selection of free action-packed games we have for you.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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