5 Best Android launchers without ads

One of the great attractions of the Android system is precisely the freedom it gives its users to be able to customize it in any way they prefer. In this environment, so-called launchers are included, which are programs used to change the system interface, adding even functions that are not found natively.

With many different options for these apps on Google Play, you’ve probably been in doubt which launcher to choose, as some of the free options end up bringing advertisements to unwanted places on the system. Next, check out the top five Android launchers that do not have any kind of advertisement.

Lawnchair Launcher

The first option in the list brings the visual style found on devices from the Google Pixel line to any cell phone. Among its attractions is that it is open-source and constantly updated with new features.

In addition to the features of Pixel, even for older handsets, the Lawnchair Launcher can implement the notification system seen in Android Oreo.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft may even have given up Windows Phone, but it has been improving and quite a lot of its applications for other smartphones. The Microsoft Launcher, for its part, manages to make Android well-organized, as well as allowing easier integration with other company services if you use them.

Another highlight is the tools that help you manage how much time you spend on your mobile phone, your customizable news feed, and the integration of the timeline function with Windows 10.

POCO Launcher

Since its launch, the Pocophone has drawn attention, not only for its performance but also for its design and system with a differentiated usability. Fortunately, officially and free of charge, Xiaomi made available the launcher of the device even for those who have a cell phone of another brand.

Regarding features, the POCO Launcher may even lose a bit of prominence compared to the other options on this list, but its fluency and how to manage the shortcuts of your mobile programs should catch your eye.

Niagara Launcher

This Android launcher is still in the testing phase, but despite that, it is already stable enough to be used on a daily basis. Unlike the other options in the list, your main intention is to organize all your applications in a list, so you do not need more than two rings to open any program.

Another prominent feature of it is also by default hiding the bloatware, which are those generally useless applications pre-installed on the phone.

Lean Launcher

The last option in the list brings another launcher that values the performance of the device seeking to leave it looking pure, that is, as close to the experience of having an Android without modifications.

Another highlight of the application is also because of the amount of themes it has, such as a night mode, a more enlightened and even an automatic, which changes according to the wallpaper used by you.

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