5 Best alternatives to Google Chrome For Android

Google Chrome is a quality browser for Android, however, there is always something we do not love. Either because it is too heavy, or because there is a lack of characteristic that we would like to have. So let’s look at 5 alternatives to Google Chrome that I think you’ll enjoy.

Unfortunately, there is not one that is perfect. This will depend on your usage and what you are looking for in a browser. Personally, I like a fast browser with extra features to Google Chrome and that offer me maximum privacy.

Opera Browser for Android – Download here

This is one of my favorites. Firstly because it has a quality Dark Mode and then because it gives us a free VPN. If you simply want to have more privacy online, Opera Browser deserves to be installed. You can see here how to enable free, secure and unlimited VPN.

Samsung Browser – Download here

Although this is a Samsung application you can also install it. The application is lightweight and follows the design ideology of Samsung’s One UI system. It also has a quality Dark Mode and almost all the features of Google Chrome.

Firefox – Download here

This is probably the best known and most used to replace Google Chrome. Although you prefer Firefox on the PC instead of Android, the features of the application in the Android operating system are to be mentioned. Your privacy is greater than in Google Chrome and you’ll have most of your advertising and video pop-ups blocked.

Microsoft Edge – Download here

If you use a Windows PC and Microsoft Edge on your computer, you’ll certainly enjoy having Edge on your smartphone as well. There is much greater compatibility with the Edge between devices. The Edge does not have a particularity relevant enough to be defined, such as the VPN of Opera, but in order to have a better ecosystem between devices should be mentioned.

Kiwi Browser – Download here

The app jumped at us recently for giving us the ability to use Chrome extensions in the Android app. While not all extensions work perfectly, it is only a matter of time before this browser becomes even more relevant. It deserves to be installed.

Still, Google Chrome remains one of the best

No matter how we find other solutions, Google Chrome remains one of the best browsers for Android. Google has developed an application that quickly dominated the world and does not seem to disappear from the top so soon. A lot because the evolution of Google Chrome continues to happen. Unlike Microsoft’s Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Mountain View company is constantly working to improve the speed and quality of its Android and PC browser.

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