10 Best Open World Android Games everyone must play

Open World Android Games (1)

Open World Android Games: here are the 10 best to download and install immediately on your smartphone or tablet. Best games for Android: here’s what to download  Games for Android Do you love playing with your Android smartphone? Do you like using your phone to spend a few hours playing? You’re in the right place! In this … Read more

4 Tips to get rid of annoying Spam Emails

How to send emails in confidential mode through Gmail for Android

Although it is very difficult to avoid there are some tips that we can follow to prevent our email from falling into spam lists and consequently we start receiving emails that we do not want. First, the name used in the email has nothing to do with whether or not you are on a spam … Read more

9 WhatsApp tips and tricks everyone should know

How to read messages and listen to WhatsApp audios anonymously

If you love spending hours in WhatsApp, use it to chat with friends, make phone calls and see what your contacts are doing through status, get to know a few tricks and tips that can help a lot. WhatsApp is one of the best social networking applications today. Much of this is due to the great … Read more