Are the AirPods compatible with Samsung?

Do you want to connect your AirPods to a Samsung smartphone with Android? Do you want to buy AirPods to use them with your Samsung? Let’s find out if they are compatible

Are the AirPods compatible with Samsung_

Samsung AirPods: are they compatible?

Lately many readers of TechKhiladi have asked me about the AirPods, Apple wireless headphones that are very expensive but that are still very desired by users.

In general I receive various requests for information on AirPods, but the question that is asked me more often about the  AirPods concerns their compatibility with non-Apple smartphones, in particular with Samsung devices that runs on the Android OS.

In fact, many users did not understand if the AirPods are compatible only with iPhone or if they can also be used with Samsung phones, such as Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, A7, A9, A5 and all other smartphones produced by the Korean company.

If you also have this doubt and you want to try to figure out if the AirPods can be used with Samsung, you will find all the answers you need below.

AirPods compatible with Samsung?

Without making you waste too much time, I’ll tell you right away that the AirPods are bluetooth wireless headphones compatible with ALL smartphones, not just iPhones, but also with all other phones with Bluetooth connectivity.

Regardless of whether you have a Samsung smartphone, therefore, you can use the AirPods without problems with your phone, as long as it has Bluetooth connectivity. 

AirPods work with Samsung, but …

Before singing victory, however, you must know something very important.

The AirPods are compatible with all smartphones, true, but ONLY with iPhone offer certain additional features, which are lost with other smartphones such as Samsung for example. 

In particular, if you use AirPods with Samsung smartphones you will not be able to:

  • Call up the Google voice assistant
  • take advantage of the automatic configuration of the headphones with the smartphone
  • pause the music automatically when you remove the headphones
  • take advantage of the active elimination of the background noise of the M1 chip
  • update the firmware of the headphones
  • know the remaining battery of headphones and case
  • customize the actions that are activated when you “double-tap” on the earphones
  • control the earphones with the voice (change track, pause, raise or lower the volume ..)
  • Find or search for lost AirPods

In short, if you use AirPods with a Samsung smartphone you will lose all the convenient and smart features that Apple has designed for these wireless bluetooth headsets.

You can still use your AirPods to listen to music and songs on Android and Samsung, but at this point, in my opinion, it makes no sense to spend 150 dollars for these headphones.

Alternative to AirPods for Android

If your goal is to buy bluetooth wireless headphones similar to AirPods but cheaper and compatible with Android, you are spoiled for choice on sites like Amazon. The economic alternatives to AirPods are absolutely not lacking.

With 60-70 dollars (sometimes even less) you find products that are equally valid, comfortable, light, beautiful, cared for, elegant and that also offer greater functionality and integrate better with the Android operating system.

AirBattery makes AirPods more compatible with Android and Samsung

If instead you have decided that you want to buy the AirPods, even if these are “not compatible” or little supported by Android, I suggest you to download the AirBattery application from the Android Play Store

This program, available in free version (limited but with sufficient functionality) or paid (without limits), will allow you to make AirPods more compatible with Android and Samsung.

In practice, AirBattery allows you to also take advantage of Android features that normally would be available only on iPhone and iOS. After installing AirBattery, in fact, you can best configure your AirPods on Android and you can take advantage of intelligent features such as:

  • see the charging level of the AirPods and the case
  • connect AirPods more quickly to your Android or Samsung smartphone
  • pause music playback automatically when you remove the headphones from your ear
  • use the double tap to move to the previous or next song more easily

and so much more.

You will not be able to take advantage of all the features that are present on iOS, but this app will allow you to better exploit the AirPods with Android and enjoy additional features that otherwise would not be present.

In short, using the AirBattery app you can take advantage of your AirPods headphones even with Android without major limitations or problems compared to Apple’s iOS operating system. So if you’ve decided to buy the AirPods for your Samsung smartphone anyway, run straight to the Play Store and download AirBattery: it’s an app you can not do without, I assure you!


With this long article on AirPods and their compatibility with Android and Samsung we have concluded.

If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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