7 Apps to make animations and create drawings with your phone

Making animations is not a very easy thing to do. That’s why we often use apps to make animations on mobile.

After all, creating professional-level animations is something that requires time, study, techniques, skills, and tools that give the expected result.

But despite the difficulty, it is possible to make animations quickly, practical and rather fun. Of course, it will not be professional, but maybe you do not discover an incredible ability like this.

There are a few apps to make animations on your phone, either to feed your feed on Instagram or to create great content for your YouTube channel.

They are free and without many mysteries for usability.

Check out, in this post, our list of the 7 best apps to make animations on your cell phone!

1. Flipaclip

FlipaClip was a tool developed for an app competition for the Galaxy Note S Pen. Due to its good performance, the application gained strength and was released to all users.

This tool is for creating cartoons. Just have creativity and follow the commands. You can choose different backgrounds, screen size and a number of frames per second.

FlipaClip has a clean and clear interface, where there are not many mysteries in its usability. The first of our list with apps to make animations is available for Android and iOS .

2. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is a fruit of the tool for editing photos of the same name. Its familiar interface gives users a better experience because it has the same design as its parent, making it one of the best apps to make animations.

With this application, you can draw and bring life to your creation, in video form or by creating GIFs . Despite having some paid resources, the tool does not leave anything to be desired and maintains the quality even in the free version.

When you open the application, you have access to the many creative features that activate and nurture your creativity. Here you can sign in to stay connected with other creators. Well, besides being a great way to get more ideas, accompanying the work of others causes empathy and makes you even more motivated.

PicsArt Animator is available for Android and iOS .

3. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is an application for creating videos from a sequence of photos . You can take multiple pictures, choose the time between each one, and play in your own animation, serving as one of the apps to make animations on the mobile from this list.

After the sequence of photos, you can record audios to insert into your creation, make cutouts, add more images from the gallery or the camera itself, and add titles and credits.

The tool contains a clean and self-explanatory interface, which facilitates its usability. Once your stop motion is created, you can save it as video, GIF and have the images separately in your gallery. Stop Motion Studio is available for Android and iOS .

4. Werble

Werble is one of the best apps for making animations on your phone using your photos. Unlike the other tools mentioned above, this app only works with photos.

Therefore, you can not record video with it. To use it, simply take a photo, or choose from the gallery, and add one of the free effects that already comes in it. Then just save with GIF or video.

Werble is exclusive to iOS. Click the link to download it on your mobile.

5. Animation Desk

With a more professional look, Animation Desk is one of the best apps for making animations on your phone. It does not have to be a professional, nor an incredible draftsman, but you need to have a greater sense of traits and continuity of image.

The tool already offers some models ready to inspire you.

To go further and create your own animation, open the white drawing board and start your work. You can add colors and effects. Although it performs as a professional program, its interface is clean and uncomplicated.

Animation Desk is available for Android or iPhone and iPad .

6. InShot

InShot is an application that will give life to your videos and your photos. With it, you can add animated effects, soundtracks, stickers and even fun texts.

When you use the app vertically, you can place funds that move next to your video. Its usability is good, which gives users a great experience. The tool is completely free and is available for Android and iOS .

7. Animate It!

Closing our list of apps to make animations on mobile, we present the Animate It! It is an application that allows you to invent your artwork in simple and free form animation.

To use it, just have the creativity and willingness to use and abuse all the features that the tool contains. It’s a great solution for both professionals and people who are studying more about this animated world.

The application offers creation, editing and opening of scenes, selections of skins and characters, addition of skins, lands and cubes. For you to have a better sense, you may find it even easier when you realize it’s the same cubic design as Minecraft .

The tool provides good user experience, which makes its usability even faster and more dynamic. A negative point is in his language, because there are no translations into Portuguese and all its content is in English.

The Animate It! is only available for Android. Click the link to download the app!

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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