Apple recalls MacBook Pro that can pose fire and burn risks

In June, Apple announced a recall of models of the MacBook Pro with Display Retina of 15 inches. The measure was taken because of some pieces that could catch fire and were used in models sold between September 2015 and February 2017. In fact, photos of one of the notebooks that suffered the problem justify Apple’s recall.

In a Facebook posting, Florida-based designer Steve Gagne showed off photos of how his MacBook Pro came after it unexpectedly caught fire. According to the report, Steve began to smell something burning in the house when he ran into the burning notebook. He said the incident left the house full of smoke.

MacBook Pro with burned-out battery justifies Apple recall

According to the Cult of Mac, he was not the only one. The recall was opened by Apple after the company received 26 complaints related to battery overheating. The site states that at least 17 cases have resulted in minor damage to people’s property.

If you have a 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has created a special page for recall. Simply insert your notebook data and see if it should be changed at an authorized company service center or an Apple Store.

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