Here are all the official Pokémon games available for android and iphone

While Pokémon Masters is not released, check out the full list of official Pokemon games for mobile

Since the design of Pokémon appeared during the 1990s, practically all products based on it have become a real success. In turn, their video games were for a long time restricted to the consoles of Nintendo, which was not an obstacle to give thanks to the public.

Fortunately, over time, more and more Pokémon fans are winning mobile games that can be played anywhere. If you’re excited about the announcement of the Pokémon Masters.

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump-Android and iOS

Known for being one of the weakest Pokémon in the game until they can evolve, the first game in this list brings a game that is a good pastime. Here, your goal is just one: make your Magikarp jump for as long as possible. Of course, do not forget to feed her and let her socialize with other pets.

Pokémon Quest-Android and iOS

All Pokémon on an island looks different as if they were made of cubes. As a good Pokémon master, you must make new friendships with these creatures here and explore the island that is full of caves to discover treasures.

Pokémon TCG – Android and iOS

A game that was very popular in its physical version was the card game of the Pokémon, also called Pokémon TCG. In a way similar to Magic The Gathering, here you must mount your deck and use your cards wisely to come out victorious.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile-Android and iOS

As well as the first choice of this list, this Pokémon game is intended for those who can not spend much time on the mobile screen. Here, you must join three equal Pokémon to eliminate pieces and pass level gaining the battles.

Pokémon Playhouse-Android and iOS

Destined for children, this Pokémon game brings several different activities so that parents can leave them playing on the phone or tablet without worry.

Pokémon Go-Android and iOS

Pokemon’s most famous game for mobile phones challenges Pokémon trainers to leave the cities to capture the little creatures to become strong. And, as it could not be different, some venues in the city have seen gyms where the only strongest can become the leader.

Pokémon Duel – Android and iOS

This Pokémon game ends up being very different from the other options listed in this article. Here, all your creatures take the form of board pieces, being a necessary strategy and coolness to beat the other online coaches.

Pokémon Rumble Rush – Exclusive for Android

If you are looking for a game just for fun without having to strategize, a good alternative is the Pokémon Rumble Rush. Here, all you have to do is to be clicking on the enemy Pokémon that appear to win the battle and get stronger.

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