Apple Arcade has come to take over on Android games

Apple Arcade has come to destroy the games of Android –  Apple is having the year of 2019 in great when it comes to news. After the company has set up a magazine subscription service, and for the first time a credit card, we get the information now, through an Apple developer who is also entering the gaming world.

How will this new service work?

This new service, Apple Arcade will work in the mobile universe. Players will be able to access the various titles through Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, laptop or even MacOS. Some of the games are really good and less was not expected. One of the programmers is none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy.

Along with other great programmers, games are being developed that will only work exclusively in the world of Apple Arcade.

Can these games be played in Multiplayer mode?

For now it will not be possible, but who knows in the near future? In Apple Arcade the games will all be Offline, at least for now. A possible Multiplayer will only be possible locally which will certainly make it a good start for this new project.

In addition …

This new service will work with the same key points as Apple News. That is, it will be easy to use, very detailed, private, secure, and very organized service. This system will also have Family Sharing.

Despite all this exclusivity, can these games also be converted to the Androids?

This is certainly the question that many programmers ask themselves. However, they remain unanswered. Nothing is known for certain. We just got word that Apple Arcade will be released with more than 100 new and exclusive games with no ads and no additional purchases. Unfortunately, we have not received the prices yet and there is no release date yet.

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