How to download and play PUBG Mobile on PC

There are two versions of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: a conventional, available for PC and consoles, and that is paid for; and a Mobile, made for Android and iPhone, which is free. If you prefer the free version of the game, but also like the versatility of the keyboard commands, you can run the mobile version on your computer.

Tencent, a Chinese giant that developed the mobile version of PUBG, has released an Android emulator for Windows that has been prepared to run the mobile version of the game on PC. So even those who have a cheaper computer can play “PUBG” with friends.

How to run PUBG Mobile on PC

Ready! With this, you can already run the mobile version of PUBG on your PC without paying anything. The main advantage is the use of the combination of keyboard and mouse to control the game, which makes the game even more fun. It is worth noting that if you are playing on the PC, you will not be able to play matches against those on your phone.

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