Apex Legends Cheater Challenges Respawn Entertainment

A certain cheater of Apex Legends has finally received the well-deserved response from Respawn Entertainment, distributor of the game. The player admitted in the stream that he uses and sells cheats for Apex Legends.

However, the video was removed and the player was banned but did not remain silent. The same stated that Respawn would not be able to keep him away from the game for long.

This whole situation came about in the recent wave of banishment by Respawn. While several cheaters tried to find a way around the system and return to the game, the individual in question challenged the company during a live broadcast.

Respawn is not kidding about cheaters

The unfortunate comments of the player came to the attention of Respawn who said “to be on top of the event”. Shortly after, the player felt the weight of his words.

Yet during his transmission, the cheater was banned from several accounts that he attempted to create in succession. Each newly created account was quickly banned by Respawn.

Frustrated, the player began to blame the community and tried to justify their actions. The same stated that only created hacks to sell and that it is much more serious to create true cheats for the game.

Eventually, the player admitted defeat and said during the broadcast that he was looking for something new to play as he had been banned from Apex Legends. A win for Respawn.

Of course, the community contributed to this nasty person being banned, the merit is not only Respawn. It is quite positive to see the players united in this way to eliminate cheaters.

All this demonstrates the love and respect that the community has for the game. This affection is certainly returned by Respawn, which strives to ban cheaters and keep the game balanced.

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