3 Best apps to automate tasks on your Android phone

Our smartphones are small computers. And every computer can be programmed to perform actions following conditional instructions. Example: If I’m at home, always leave my smartphone unlocked. But how to pass this “instruction” to him?

This is where applications that automate tasks on smartphones come in. And today we will see here three tips from apps that hold instructions to execute them at the time and in the situations that you have programmed. They complement the functions that Android itself offers and go far beyond just changing the background every hour. Enjoy.

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A classic multiplatform, with thousands of scripts compatible, not only with our Android but also with web services, be it Twitter, Google Calendar or the New York Times. Through the IFTTT we can create “recipes” in a simple and tremendously effective way. It is an essential application and it works very well since the first version, which was just on the web. But why this strange name? Simple, it comes from the acronym IFTTT, Then That or, translating, “If this happens, then I do that”.

Download IFTTT


In Automate, we have a very customizable and powerful application with thousands of options. We can create streams of actions in which we have access to permissions at all times. It also has a great community behind it that will help us understand the app and get the most out of it. The free version accepts up to 30 blocks and has no advertising.

Automate download


The free version is limited to only 5 macros, but it is a very simple application to use and with an interface that invites you to automate your cell phone. For example, we can disable Wi-Fi when using an application or opening a specific application at a specific time. The possibilities are numerous and there are models with suggestions and they also offer notifications about the use of battery.

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