Windows 10: The way to install major updates will change

Have you installed the latest major Windows 10 update on your PC? Do you like the new features? Enjoy them well … It’s that the next update will have a quite different focus, and the extra features will be meager.

Therefore, after the May 2019 update of Windows 10, the next major update will be released later this year, codenamed ’19H2′. (Already available for testing)

However, weigh the upgrade until it is already available to the Insiders. Microsoft has chosen not to disclose the great and probably the only great news that will reach computers with Windows 10 19H2 … The speed of installation!

Windows 10 - The way to install major updates will change

Interestingly, in a publication on the official Microsoft blog, the company decided to talk about the “next steps” of the evolution of Windows 10 quality of service. Thus, the North American giant has confirmed that Windows 19H2 will implement a series of features focused on ” performance, business, and quality of life improvements. ”

But calm down! Things do not stop here … Microsoft also explains how things are going to be much faster now:

“To provide these updates in a less disruptive manner, we will provide the data in a different way. That is, in other words, who already have the May 2019 update, will notice that the process will be much faster now.” (It will be a bit like the classic cumulative updates)

In short, it turns out to be strange to see Microsoft leave the features aside to focus on the process of updating your Operating System. Do not get me wrong, thank goodness that’s how it is … The adoption rates for the latest updates are a real shame, thanks to all the bugs.

So something needed to be done! Not to mention that performance-focused updates are always welcome.

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