The three applications WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will merge, according to the idea of Mark Zuckerberg, the same messaging system. They will remain independent app but will have the possibility to exchange messages among all users in common

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will merge in a single Application in 2020

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will merge in a single Application in 2020

In the plans of the company and the terrible Mark is about to start a merger process never seen before.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will merge their messaging system on a single platform even if the apps will always remain independent. The operation is still in the preliminary phase of study, but given the past, Mark could accelerate the integration process, scheduled for next year, and inaugurate it as early as 2019.

The merger system would bring millions of users who will integrate and exchange messages on a single platform using the app as independent by sharing only the message platform offering the possibility for users who use the various platforms to freely exchange messages.

The infrastructure will be unified enabling end-to-end encryption, currently only on WhatsApp, and that would lead to a save of the chat exclusively on the device and not on the Facebook servers, just to remain faithful to the encryption of messages.

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Surely it would be a momentous change, and although Zuckerberg’s statements have always been to leave the separately purchased apps independent, years later, we could witness the partial integration of at least the messaging system, which could have millions of users exchanging messages, and which obviously could lead to dizziness.

We will see how the company intends to unify the various chats, where to save them, various files to manage and merge and of course offer the ability to save them in the cloud.


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