13 websites to create stunning images for your Facebook page

We all know that images have a determining influence on Facebook and Twitter. The images are visually more attractive and end up generating a more interaction with fans and followers, something that happens with greater difficulties in links and ads. But creating images is not so simple. For an image to be successful, it needs to be well crafted.

And as we also know, it’s not always possible to hire a designer to create all of our Fan Page posts, is not it? If this happens to you, this text will be a good help! We separate those who are the 13 best sites that will assist in creating images for your Facebook page. They all have different goals and different characteristics. It remains for you to choose the one (s) that most meets your needs.

Let’s go to the list!

1. PicMonkey

It began to be better known due to its use for Facebook Marketing. PicMonkey is a site that allows you to edit photos and works 100% through your browser, which means that you do not need any download to your computer. With it, you edit a simple image, create montages and you can even edit your next Facebook cover. One of PicMonkey’s strengths is its simplicity. It is extremely easy to use the site, not only because of its design but also because it does not require you to do any login.

During editing, you can use your own images or some that are provided by PicMonkey. Of course, some features are free and some are paid for.

2. Social Image Resizer Tool

I confess that I was fascinated when I met this tool! Do not expect the Social Image Resizer Tool to be that application full of filters and special effects. However, it does something essential for any social media manager: it cuts the images to the right size! You only need to upload your computer image and then you have two options: make the manual cut (with the stockings you want) or make the cut taking into account your objective. You can, for example, upload an image and “tell” the Social Image Resizer Tool that wants to use that image for your Facebook Cover. It sets the sizes beforehand and you’re done! Your image will be cut to the dimensions required by Facebook.

You can use this site to edit your images to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube or create a simple Favicon.

3. Recite This

It was the first site I used to create images for Facebook and I highly recommend it. The goal of Recite This is to create images with phrases in a very fast and appealing way. It is enough that you define the phrase, choose which of the images you will use and then download that same image with the phrase. Very simple and above all fast! As your phrase becomes longer, fewer options the Recite This is offering so be concise. One of the bad points of this tool is that you do not have any editing power, and cannot modify font, background, etc. But it’s still worth it!

4. Canva

Canva is another very interesting tool. It allows you to create posters, covers for Facebook or images to use in your blogs. This site has lots of pre-defined layouts, and you can then edit the size, font or even the background. Just when you log in to Canva, it gives you several possibilities of pre-defined images depending on your purpose. Facebook Ads, Facebook Cover, Social Media, presentations or Twitter Header are just a few pre-defined image options that you have.

One advantage of Canva is that you can sign in with your Facebook account and then view your saved images.

5. Facebook Timeline Slicer

If you’ve always had a hard time finding that perfect image for your Cover or you’ve always had a hard time combining that image with the profile image, Facebook Timeline Slicer is the perfect solution for you! With this site, you just need to upload your image and adjust it according to your purpose. Then you just have to download a .zip file with all the images you’ve created. If you want to use the Pro version of the tool, you’ll be able to improve your image, distribute it in other formats or even create perfect images for your Youtube channel!

6. Photovisi

Another great site to make assemblies for your Fan Page. The first step to getting your site to this site is to choose your images. Then you’ll have to add photos and save. That simple! The site has several types of assemblies. As with PicMonkey, you do not need to do any login to perform your first assembly. Despite a large number of offers, only a few are really interesting.

7. BeFunky

If you, like me, understand very little of Photoshop, here is an image editor that you will love! BeFunky is titled as the “Best Image Editor in the World” and in the next few line,s you will understand why. It allows you to crop images, remove red eyes, insert text and borders, and many other features. I loved this tool in the first few minutes and I believe the same will happen to you.

Another interesting detail is that you can upload your images from anywhere: Computer, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, among others. When you have edited, just save or print!

8. Pixlr

It is perhaps one of the best known and also one of the most practical to use. Pixlr is completely free and you do not even need to download it. Just log in and start editing your image. It is very similar to Photoshop and even its shortcuts are the same as Adobe software. It has three different options: Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixlr O-Matic. While the latter two are a bit simpler, the Pixlr Editor should be used by those who already have some knowledge of Photoshop.

Although it seems quite complete, it usually gives some problems not only in editing the image but also in exporting it. It allows you to upload images from your computer, URL or open images from your Facebook. Despite its failures, it is a tool that must be tested.

9. Pin Words

Do you want something really simple? Then try Pin Words. This site allows you to insert text on top of your images. That simple. Obviously, the site has several options for text and formatting. Just choose the one that looks best with your image.

As the name implies, Pin Words was initially created for Pinterest. However, it can easily be used on Facebook.

10. Pinstamatic

This is another site more aimed at Pinterest but that can be used for images on Facebook. It allows you to create Pins through the screenshots of your site, Make pins from your Twitter profile or even write sentences to share on Facebook. It is a bit complex to use and not very intuitive, but worth a place on this list due to the large number of options (eight in total).

11. MeterFy

This is the ideal site for those who like to share statistics. The goal of MeterFly is to insert a background image and text with statistics. Obviously, the site already has this formatted for you: the place to place the text, the background of the text, etc.

It also tells you a search bar, in which you can find all images published in certain categories. It can be an interesting way to get ideas for new Facebook posts, for example.

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