How to use different colors in your Messenger conversations

Messenger is one of the most commonly used applications for chatting with friends since it already gets its contact list from Facebook. To make users more comfortable, Messenger constantly adds new features, which can sometimes be a new function or just something to change the look of the application.

On the other hand, Messenger received an update this last week that completely changes its visual and, along with it, gradient and diaphanous colors appeared to change the screens of their conversations, being previously they were only available for a select group of application people in phase and testing. Here’s how to get dynamic colors in Messenger to apply them to your conversations.


The following process is available for the latest version of the Messenger app on Android phones or the iPhone. The feature in question is official, so you will not need to get any third-party applications to get this done.

Putting Dynamic Colors in Messenger

The location where the new colors are located is not new, as Facebook has chosen to simplify the process of activating the gradient for conversations. In addition, it must be said that these gradient colors, although dynamic, are already predefined, that is, they can not be customized. Here’s how to use them:

  1. Open the Messenger application normally and choose a person or group to chat with;
  2. Then touch the name of the person or group and select the “Color” option;
  3. The first five colors in the list are gradients, choose one, and the color of the conversation will change.

Once you’ve set a color as you’ve seen above, even old messages will already use the gradient and you’ll get an option called “Change” directly in the conversation to test other color options. You also need to remember that in addition to you, the other person or group members will also see this change made in the colors. Because they are dynamic, they have the gradient effect, or they even add to it as you scroll up or down the scroll bar.

Ready! Now, you already know how to use the new dynamic colors of Messenger. The above process has been demonstrated on an Android device, but it can also be done on the iPhone, making changes only in the positions of some menu items in the application.

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