How to turn off Google Maps notifications about places you visited

Google Maps is one of the services most used to find routes to routes and information about places, shops, restaurants, and other items. Despite all this utility, some application notifications often get in the way of users such as requesting to review a recently visited location or suggestion to take a photo, for example.

If you are receiving this type of notification, fortunately, there is an easy process to do to disable these requests, and it will not interfere with the application. Here’s how to remove rating requests and other notifications from places you’ve visited on Google Maps.

  1. Open Google Maps and touch the icon represented by “three lines” to open your main menu;
  2. Go to “Settings” and touch “Notifications”;
  3. On the new screen, touch “Your contributions”, uncheck “Sort and rate places” and other unwanted notifications.

Above, you’ve seen how to disable the request to perform site evaluations. In this same menu, as previously mentioned, you can also remove other notifications you receive from places you have visited, such as suggestions for taking a photo, adding information and other items.

Ready! Now you know how to remove annoying Google Maps notifications about the places you’ve visited. As mentioned above, making any changes to this menu changes only the notifications to be received, so within the application, you can still continue to perform these activities that you have disabled normally.

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