Expert Advice: Xiaomi executive reveals trick to save phone fallen in the water

Although it is one of the worst accidents for a smartphone, it is also one of the most common. Of course, I’m talking about that day when you let your smartphone fall into the water and you saw your ‘money fly from the wallet’. In addition to the traditional ‘dip in rice’ method, a Xiaomi executive revealed a little trick he discovered accidentally.

Apparently, Li Weixing let his Xiaomi Mi 9 fall accidentally into the water before leaving for work. However, since he was in a hurry and needed his smartphone during the day, he did not have time to put the Mi 9 in a container with rice.

Since the smartphone was still on, he decided to go to work, using the Xiaomi Mi 9 even though the touchscreen was not responsive. When he got to work, he placed his smartphone on the windowsill in direct contact with the sun. At the same time, he put music playing at maximum volume during the day. This was his ‘magic recipe’ since the smartphone was brand new at the end of the day.

A credible method or was it a case of pure luck?

In this particular case, I think it involves a little ‘science’ and also a lot of luck to the mix. Luck only comes into the fact that the smartphone remained operational after being plunged into the water. In many situations, this does not happen and smartphones are completely ruined.

As far as the justification given by the Xiaomi executive, it really makes sense. When in direct contact with the sun, the water residue that lodged in the smartphone began to evaporate. In a normal situation, they would have difficulty getting out of the smartphone, eventually infiltrating another location, causing even more damage.

It is exactly in this part where music playback is important. With the speaker making constant vibrations (the higher the volume is, the better), it creates a small air circulation between the inside and outside of the smartphone. Helping that, the created water vapor is expelled effectively.

Needless to say, the best solution is to be careful and do not let your smartphone go for a dive this summer. However, if that happens and your smartphone remains operational, you can always try this little trick if you do not have a handy rice bag.

However, if you are able to take your smartphone to a service center, this will always be the best and most reliable option. This will be the way to make sure that the smartphone will not only be operational but also in the best possible conditions.

These little tricks are just alternative methods that do not guarantee that the smartphone is in an optimum state, and often may not work.

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