How to trend your YouTube Video : Here are some hacks

Youtube is now the most popular online video streaming platform. The number of users watching videos on YouTube in the last few years has seen tremendous growth. The credit goes to the price war running between telecom companies. Telecom companies are providing data at affordable rates due to which the trend of watching videos on mobile phones has increased.

You can upload videos by creating your channel on Google-owned company Youtube. Nowadays the number of Youtubers has increased. Most of the youths are doing well by uploading videos to YouTube. But just by uploading the videos, YouTube does not pay money. You can earn a lot of money when your video gets more views and more users view it. For this, you have to trend your videos on YouTube. Today we are going to tell you 4 tricks that will help you to make your video popular on YouTube.

Always write a description while uploading video

To make a video trending it is necessary to write a description of at least 300 words about the video. The more well you will describe the video, the chances of trends are much more. Apart from this, you can also add a link to your popular video in the description. So that users can see it by clicking on the link to that video too.

Keep tags and keywords carefully

Any video will be viral only when more and more people will see it and people will only see when trading keywords and tags are placed in the video. Therefore, whenever you upload a video on Youtube, then enter the trending keyword and tags.

Keep video thumbnails special

To make the video viral, its thumbnail (the photo that appears before the video starts) should look special because a viewer always opens the video only if he found it’s thumbnail interesting. Always make thumbnails so that the user is forced to click on it.

Share on social media

For any video to be viral it is necessary to reach the social media. Unless your video is shared on social media, it will not be viral and will not trend.

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