Top 5 App Builders to make Android apps easily in 2019

More and more Apple and Google application stores have been getting a variety of apps, whether they are new messengers – such as the Sarahah fever – utility applications and a flurry of games of all kinds. As a result, more and more companies need to build their own apps and rely on people who can build them. We have decided to bring a new list with 5 of the best application builders, which has been featured throughout this year. Check the complete list!

1. Appy Pie

Appy Pie usher in our list of best application builders in 2019 because of its simplicity. Its purpose is to help small and medium businesses create apps to monetize their business without the need to learn how to program.

It allows you to create apps with digital purchases – such as free games for Android or iPhone – and include GPS to track the user’s location, among other possibilities.

Click the link to learn more about Appy Pie and how it can help you develop your own app!

2. Shoutem

Although originally released in 2011, Shoutem is one of the most polished application builders on the market. Among the tools available, this software has an intuitive design – that is, easy to navigate and learn – and fast to send messages, as well as directories that allow you to easily locate any elements you need to use.

However, it’s worth noting that the app is not free, with monthly plans ranging from $ 20 to $ 50 – a plan that allows you to submit your apps to Google Play or the App Store. Click the link to find out more about Shoutem.

3. Swiftic App Maker

Formerly known as Como, Swiftic is a platform that offers a great diversity of elements to use in creating your app. Digital loyalty cards, calendar integration, permission for user reviews and even e-commerce tools can be used in application development. The Swiftic website shows some of the many apps built on its platform, including restaurant applications, virtual stores, and even bands. Its interface is also easy to navigate, allowing you to easily find most of the elements needed to develop your app.

4. AppInstitute

One of the largest and most award-winning application builders in the UK. The AppInstitute is a platform aimed at creating applications for virtual stores. The AppInstitute has tools for scheduling, which makes it ideal for service providers who want to offer them through a mobile app. One of its few disadvantages is the low compatibility to provide integration options with other applications. Click the link to learn more about AppInstitute features.

5. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie is a platform for creating apps used by several prominent companies such as Disney and Universal Studios, for example. Consequently, it is the one that has the highest price of the application builders on this list – the cheapest plan costs $ 149 monthly – but also one of the best. The platform has several template options for apps, as well as more ways to edit them.

Advanced features can be deployed in your apps, such as using geo-location to define the audience for your app’s content and more. Go to the Mobile Roadie website to know all its features and participate in the free trial offered by the platform.

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