This site Creates Fake Faces with AI that look like Real

ThisPersonDoesNotExist is a website created by a developer who creates fake faces using Artificial Intelligence but that seems real.

The particular website, at each access or update, will show a face created automatically by the artificial intelligence system, which has now reached good levels of automation and ability to be almost perfect.

The developer Philip Wand created this site,, which creates faces based on the new smartphone face recognition sensors, which scan a face looking for “unique” points and based on this algorithm, creates fake faces but they seem really real.

The developer uses a motherboard with Nvidia GPU on a rental server, which generates finished faces every 2 seconds using the algorithm used taking inspiration from biological neural networks, such as our brain, and Wang has already announced that the features will be extended to short with new information and improved accuracy.

We now hope only that these new technologies are not exploited to create false realities in order to be used for non-legal purposes, even if it is a pleasure that technology and programming have reached levels of absurd perfection , and we hope that in the future they can help us to resolve the many enigmas that still surround us.

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