11 Things you must know before recording a video for YouTube

With the remarkable growth of Instagram and even IGTV, you may think that the age of recording videos on YouTube is over. If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re quite mistaken.

It is worth remembering that it remains the largest and most popular video content platform in the world. In addition, the social network is also the second largest search network in the world, second only to Google itself.

It is true that there is no lack of successful YouTubers and digital influencers on the platform, but that does not mean that the door is closed for you. If you have a YouTube video recorder, here are 11 tips that we separate and use for our own content on the platform!

1. Plan before you shoot videos on YouTube

Our first tip for recording videos on YouTube is ideal for the timider or those who do not have the ability to improvise. So before you even press the record button, make a plan of what your video will look like.

There are three types of video that engage YouTube. The educational ones, made to convey ideas, knowledge, and skills to the enrolled ones.

We also have the engagement videos, whose content seeks to generate an emotional reaction from the viewer, encouraging them to enjoy, comment and share their content. The third type is awareness, which seeks to alert registrants about a problem or draw attention to a cause.

2. Who is your video for and what is your message?

Answering these two questions is very important as you can develop content that will resonate with the audience you want to reach.

So, consider what type of person searches for this type of content on YouTube and how it communicates. This way, you’ll be able to optimize the description and title of your video so that it can find you more easily.

In addition, it is important to define the central theme of the video. That is, what you want it to communicate. So, write a short sentence with the main purpose of the video.

In this video posted on the app touts YouTube channel, for example, the main message was to teach subscribers how to use the fingerprint on their Android phones.

3. Set the duration time

One of the most asked questions for those who want to create content on YouTube is: How long should my video have?

The company MiniMatters evaluated the ten most viewed videos of YouTube in 2018 and averaged between them. In that ranking, the shortest video had only 42 seconds, while the longest had 9 minutes and 15 seconds. Taking an average of the 10 winners, it reached the value of 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

But it depends on your focus and content you want to publish.

If your goal is to create a video with more in-depth information, you will not be able to create content in a short time, so you do not have to follow it. However, note that it is necessary to catch the attention of the first-time subscriber and be able to keep their attention for the remaining time of the video. And the longer the content, the harder it will be.So set a length range for your video and try not to get away from what you set.

4. Create a roadmap

The Holy Grail of those who are not yet familiar with recording videos on YouTube. If it is not good with improvisation or does not know what to say, creating a script is the best way out.

In this way, you will know what to say at the right time to speak. This will prevent you from being quiet for a long time thinking about what you are going to say, making content editing easier.

If only script creation is not enough, you can use teleprompter applications like Selvi for Android and iPhone so you can read the script if you miss a beat.

5. Decide where you will record your video

There are three ways to record videos on YouTube: internal recording – indoors or in the studio -, external recording or recording the screen of the phone.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, you’ll evaluate which is best for a particular type of video you want to create.

In this tutorial to teach how to unblock a contact in Instagram, for example, the ideal way to record the screen of the cell phone, so that the subscriber could follow the step by step.

6. Choose software for screen recording

If you chose the third option, it is best to choose software or app for screen recording. They are able to track what they are doing and transmit to a video file. Some of them even allow live broadcasting on social networks!

If you are recording your computer screen, you can do the recording natively in Windows 10. If you prefer to use external software or do not have Windows 10, programs like Movavi can be quite helpful. Click the link to access it for free.

In the cell phone, the most indicated option is the DU Recorder. As we talked about earlier in this item, it allows you to record your videos, edit and even create lives from it. DU Recorder is available for Android and iOS.

7. Cameras: which one to see?

If you choose to do an internal or external recording, the cameras are the most important components for this. You can record from your camera phone, but if you want to apply a more professional quality when recording videos on YouTube, there are several types of camera, ideal for a specific situation.

See the next item for some camera types you can use to record videos on YouTube.

8. Types of a camera to record videos on YouTube

  • Camcorder: the simplest type of camera, but focused only on a recording. The Camcorder is compact and can be used for external recordings;
  • Webcam: If you record your videos in front of the computer – as in the case of  Twitch streamers, which record the PC screen and use the webcam to record their emotions and talk to their subscribers, the webcam is a very useful option. Even though notebooks come with embedded webcams, the quality is not good and makes your video uninteresting;
  • DSLR:  favorite among youtubers, DSLR cameras are good even in low light situations and the quality of video capture. However, it is the most expensive option among the three that we show.

Sound tips for recording videos on YouTube

9. Have a quality external microphone

One of the reasons that subscribers stop watching videos is low-quality sound. When this happens, two situations are most common: either they hear too much interference or cannot hear you because the volume is low.

So one of the best investments you can make to record videos on YouTube is in a quality microphone. They are able to pick up sounds, eliminate noise and make your voice easy to hear.

Again, here are some examples of microphones you can use in the following section.

10. Microphone types for recording videos on YouTube

The microphones come in different types and sizes, ideal for specific situations. The lapel microphone, for example, is interesting for those who want to record external videos, since they allow them to be caught in clothes. Even in internal recordings, you can use it attached to a tripod.

Other types of microphones that you can use are those that come with headphones since they are also well positioned to pick up your voice.

If you are looking for a professional option, you can use condenser microphones. They have different volume settings, which you can adjust during recording. In addition, they also have their own filters, allowing or preventing the passage of some specific types of sound.

11. Isolate the sound of the environment

Even if you have opted for the best microphone, it is still ideal to isolate the sound of your surroundings when recording videos on YouTube.

This will avoid having to repeat takes due to a strange random noise or have more work at the time of editing. Ideally, you close yourself in a room in the house to do the recording.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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