6 things not to do with your smartphone

The smartphone is not just a device in today’s time but it has become our requirement. With the use of smartphones we can do many tasks. But as there is any specialty or imperfections of everything, there are many flaws in the smartphone, which can be deadly for you. We are going to tell you about the things that you can be overwhelmed by ignoring.

Wet phone can be dangerous

If your phone is drenched in the water, do not forget the charger or the earphone in the bluff. It would be good to switch off your phone during this time. Wetting or moisture can make short circuits inside the phone.

Charging may be dangerous

If you are playing games on your phone or are calling on the phone, do not charge your phone during this time. Actually charging the phone during the game or calling, its battery starts heating up. In such a situation, there may be danger of phone bursts.

Avoid local chargers

Many times it happens that the user starts using the charger when the phone charger gets damage. If you are doing such a mistake then immediately stop doing so. The local charger can harm your phone’s battery and performance. In this case, there may be a risk of battery bursts.

Do not use phone in the sunlight

If you are out of the house, while using the phone, please be aware that the phone is not hot. Actually, when the phone is used in the sun, it starts getting hot. In this case, it may have a bad effect on your phone’s battery or on the performance.

Sleeping with the phone can be dangerous

Avoid sleeping by keeping the phone with you, especially if you are sleeping by putting the phone under a pillow. Many doctors believe that mobile radiation affects your mind, which does not bring you a good sleep.

Do not keep the shirt in the pocket

Although debate continues in many places on this issue, doctors believe that the phone should not be kept in shirt pocket. Actually, radiation emanating from the phone can have a bad effect on your health.

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