Want to ace dummy card games? Learn the rules and hands here

Rummy is one of the most played and loved card games all over the world. Therefore, you can find many versions of rummy card games played in different places all over the world. One of the most popular versions of rummy card games is dummy rummy card games. In general, a rummy card game is a kind of card game where you try to win as much as you can to win the series.

Card games are one of the most pass-time games. Many people play rummy just for fun and few people play this dummy rummy card game very seriously. This game originated in the United States of America. There are different types of rummy games played all over the world such as Gin Rummy, 500 Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, Canasta, Kalooki Rummy, Pool Rummy, Royal rummy, Dummy Rummy Points Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, Contract Rummy or 13 cards Rummy, etc.

Dummy card games are similar to 13 card rummy games or contract rummy card games. People even play this game in online mode on their smartphones. These gaming apps also offer some of the best cash rewards as well and one such popular app is Getmega.

Here are a few rules and hands of dummy card games that will help you understand it better and also help you win the game.

The rules and hands to ace dummy card games

The Rules of Dummy Rummy Card Game:

Dummy Rummy card games are played by either 2 players or 4 players. The most important and fun fact of this version of a rummy card game is that it is played with 2 decks of cards, which includes 4 jokers and the total number of cards is 108. Following are some rules and winning hands of this dummy rummy card game.

  1. Simple Rule: It is a card game that uses 2 decks of cards and a set of matching sequences. This version of the rummy card game is played with two decks of cards, as well as 2 joker cards in each deck of cards. The dummy rummy game is won when the player shows the correct sequence of cards. There are two decks of cards that are placed on the table. The cards are then distributed among the players. Each player holds one particular set of cards, with another set placed in the middle. The middle of the table contains the deck of cards. Players can see what cards are in their hands by placing them down.
  2. Card Combined or Meld Rule: In this dummy rummy card game, each player holds 13 cards with which they need to complete the sets. In order to complete the appropriate sets of cards or of the meld cards, players need to get rid of the unnecessary cards. A player can make equal card sets or consecutive card sets or meld. 
  3. Penalty and Winning Points: In this game, the person who manages to get rid of his unnecessary cards and make all 12 meld cards sets will be declared and the cards that are in the hands of the rest of the players are declared as the penalty points. A player can win by making the same number meld like five cards of the same number with only one use of the same suit. A player can also do the following to complete the hands: 2 sets, 1 set 1 run, 2 runs, 3 sets, 2 sets 1 run, 1 set 2 runs, 3 runs.
  4. The Use of Joker Cards: This dummy rummy card game is one of the few games where the joker cards are considered as one of the most valuable cards. The Joker card can be used to fill any place in a set of cards. For example, a player gets cards like J, Q, and Ace but this set is incomplete. So, in order to complete the set a player can use a joker card as J, Q, Joker, and Ace, where the joker fills the place of the king card to make a perfect set.

The Hands of Dummy Rummy Card Game:

To win the game a player needs to complete these 12 meld sets.

  1. Two sets of three cards each
  2. One set of 3 cards and one run of four cards
  3. Three sets of four cards
  4. Two sequences of four cards
  5. One set of four cards and one run of four cards
  6. Two sets of three cards each and one run of four cards
  7. One set of three cards and one run of seven cards
  8. Three sets of three cards each
  9. Two sets of five cards each
  10. Two sequences of Five cards each
  11. One set of eight cards
  12. One sequence of ten cards


The dummy rummy card game is played in a different style but it always starts the same way as the game starts with the player on the left side of the dealer. You can play this game online on a gaming platform like Getmega. It is not only the best gaming platform but also a place where you can play games and earn real money. Getmega provides lots of different online games including dummy rummy card games.

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