Does TUTUAPP become paid? Here are the best alternatives

Does TUTUAPP become paid? Here are all the alternative solutions to TUTUAPP for iPhone, iPad, and iPod to download free apps without jailbreak on iOS

Does TUTUAPP become paid? Here are the best alternatives

TUTUAPP alternatives

Bad news arrives for all iPhone, iPod and iPad owners who want to download free apps without Jailbreak. 

TUTUAPP, one of the main alternative stores to the App Store that allows precisely to download a free app on iOS,  has just announced that (at least for now) will offer access only to VIP users, that is those who pay a regular subscription contract.

This means that if you do not pay the TUTUAPP subscription, you cannot use the program to download apps, games, and programs for free on iPhone, iPod or iPad. 

Fortunately, however, there are plenty of free alternatives to TUTUAPP and in this article, I point out the best ones.

First, however, two words about TUTUAPP.

TUTUAPP download

In case you have never heard of TUTUAPP, I can tell you briefly that this is an alternative store to the App Store (obviously illegal) that allows you to download apps, games, and programs for free on iOS without Jailbreak. 

Do you know all those apps that have to be paid on the App Store? Here, you can download them for free in one click.

Also on TUTUAPP, as on similar alternative stores, you can find all those modified apps, the famous “++” apps, which offer enhanced versions of apps that are normally available for free on the App Store. To give you an example, on TUTUAPP you will find apps like Spotify ++ that allows you to have the Premium features of Spotify without paying, YouTube ++ that offers YouTube Premium features without paying, Instagram ++ that lets you download photos and videos (and more) and etc.

In short, TUTUAPP is a truly fantastic store, a source of apps, games, and programs to download for free and that does not even require the Jailbreak to work.

And the beauty is that downloading TUTUAPP and downloading TUTUAPP is very easy: just go to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and follow the instructions. For more information, however, we have published a detailed article here:


As anticipated, TUTUAPP was available in a version:

  • free (free but with some download limit)
  • for a fee (monthly or annual subscription, with very low cost, which has no limit).

Just to give you an example, the annual subscription to TUTUAPP costs $ 13: considering all the paid apps that can be downloaded for free with TUTUAPP, the investment makes absolutely no sense!


If in the past you could use TUTUAPP for free on iOS, recently things have changed: now TUTUAPP offers access only to VIP users, those who pay a regular annual subscription.

No subscription? No TUTUAPP on iOS then.

I don’t know if the decision will be final or it is only temporary, but at the moment things are like this.


How to download TUTUAPP VIP for free? Unfortunately, there is no way.

So what can all those users who want TUTUAPP VIP free on iOS do? How to download TUTUAPP for free on iOS? 

Simple, just change the application!

There are lots of alternatives to TUTUAPP, completely free, that allow you to download apps, games, and programs for free on iPhone, iPod, and iPad without Jailbreak. And, as promised, in this article we have collected them all for you.

Here they are:

  • TweakDoor:
  • PandaHelper:

We talked about it here: Download the free iPhone app with Panda Helper

  • TweakBox:
  • AppValley:
  • iOSNinja:

We talked about it here: iOS Ninja: a new alternative to TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition, TutuApp

The operation of these programs in all cases is the same as that of TUTUAPP. Just go to the program’s website with Safari from iPhone, iPod, and iPad and follow the on-screen instructions. Simple, fast and affordable for everyone.

A couple of clicks and you can download for free everything you want, including the “++” versions of the most famous programs available for iOS. 


TUTUAPP was very famous because it allowed Spotify Premium to be completely free on the iPhone. 

With these alternative methods, you can still download and install Spotify ++,  the application that allows you to have all paid Spotify functions for free and without a subscription.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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