How to convert a youtube video into MP3 in just a few seconds

Need a YouTube converter or videos on your PC to MP3, to download your favorite songs to your computer? These audio converters can help you get started. Do you enjoy watching and listening to music videos, but you could listen to the audio offline? Know that it is possible, just have the right tools. Some websites, software, and … Read more

Where to download music without copyright for YouTube Videos

Would you like to add a background song in a video to be posted on YouTube but are you afraid of infringing copyrights? In the next lines we will list a series of Internet sites where you can download music without copyright so you can publish the video being more relaxed. YouTube The video sharing platform owned by Google, YouTube, has a … Read more

How to Convert Recordings to Text easily

Audio Transcription: Converting Recordings to Text

The audio transcription, the act of converting a sound file in text, can be quite labor intensive. But it is possible to make it less complicated: there are software capable of capturing the sound and converting it into a text file with certain precision. See five apps that can transcribe audio to computers and mobile phones. 1. Voice Note The Voice Note is available on … Read more