How to stream video games to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook

When wanting to show a game for friends, today the easiest way to do this task is to stream his video on the Internet, and some consoles even have this native function through a button, as in the case of PlayStation 4. Those who use the computer do not have a button to perform the task easily, but the streaming to be done on it, when configured, can be completely customized.

Due to the popularization of streaming games, new platforms have emerged and despite their visual differences, making the configuration of each of them is not as different as it seems. Here’s how to stream games to,YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

What is and how to get the transmission key

Regardless of the platform chosen for streaming games, they all need to provide a transmission key. This key functions as a unique code that will show the broadcast program on which account the content should be played.

To obtain this key, however, the process varies from site to site and, therefore, the Techkhiladi will show separately how to obtain this code in each of the services mentioned at the beginning of the article.

How to get the transmission key from

  1. Access the home page normally and log in to your account;
  2. Logged in, access this link and click the copy button next to “Primary Transmission Key”;
  3.  Leave the copied content in Windows Notepad.

How to get the YouTube streaming key

  1. Go to the YouTube homepage and log in to your account;
  2. Enter this link and under “Stream name / key”, display the content to copy the number of the stream;
  3. Leave the copied content in Windows Notepad.

How to get the transmission key from Facebook Gaming

  1. On the Facebook home screen , in your news feed, click on “Live video”;
  2. Instead of leaving the transmission in charge of your camera, click “Connect”;

Check the “Use a persistent stream key” option and copy it to Windows Notepad, but do not close the browser or the window it was obtained from within Facebook.

How to stream games to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming

Now that you already have the broadcast key for your channel, you need to configure it in the application responsible for streaming content from your computer to the Internet. For this task there are several options available such as Wirecast , Open Broadcaster , XSplit and other programs, each with its pros and cons.

For the case of this tutorial, Techkhiladi chose to explain how to do the configuration of Open Broadcaster, which besides being one of the first programs for this type of task, has a large community that develops plug-ins and other useful add-ons, without counting its numerous ways to customize such as the display that will be made on the platforms. Here’s how to install and configure it:

  1. Access this link and click on “Download installer” to download the program;
  2. Proceed with the installation of the program normally, it is not necessary to change any parameters of the extra components that Open Broadcaster has;
  3. When opening the application for the first time, click on “Tools” and go to “Auto Configuration Wizard”;
  4. Select the option “Optimize for transmission, recording is optional” and click “Next”;
  5. On the next screen, just make sure that the program detected its resolution correctly. When everything is correct, click “Next”;
  6. Now, in service, choose the platform to which you want to stream and paste the transmission key number that you left saved in the notebook, remembering that, in the case of Facebook only, the process is a bit different, according to has been explained in this regard, but the next steps of the settings remain the same. Click “Next”;
  7. After the connection test is performed, click “Apply Settings”.

The connection part between the program and your channel is already done, but you still need to take a step to add the game image, otherwise your streaming will not show anything. Check how to proceed:

  1. On the Open Broadcaster home screen, click the “+” icon and go to “Game Capture”;
  2. Give a name to the “source”, open the game you want to stream and click “Ok”;
  3. In mode, check the “Capture specific window” option. In the window, select the game to be transmitted and click “Ok”;
  4. Finally, click “Start Broadcast”.

At this time, you are already doing live streaming of the game to your channel on the internet. Remember that in addition to showing the game screen with Open Broadcaster, you can also add an image of a camera if you have it, as well as other scripts to interact better with the followers of your channel.

In addition, always remember to visit the page of your channel where the transmission is occurring to follow the chat in real time, and you can change the name of the streaming and other details of your account.

Ready! Now, you already know how to make live broadcasts of games on the internet to share your best moments of fun.

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