How to stop receiving Facebook email notifications

By entering Facebook, right in your news feed, you already have access to the main news that is occurring in the social network, and it is even easy to hide some nasty publications. However, those who one day opted in to receive email notifications may experience difficulties with the spam that ends up being made in their inbox.

Fortunately, even though it is not the simplest or most intuitive process, you can still end these unwanted notifications, which are leaving your email unorganized. So, see in this article how to stop receiving some types of Facebook notifications in your email.

How to stop receiving Facebook notifications in email

Although the notifications arrive directly in your inbox, the first configuration to be performed is on Facebook itself where you have a kind of control panel to define what is important or not. Check out how this process is:

  1. Normally log in to Facebook from your computer;
  2. On the news feed home screen, click the icon as it is highlighted in the image below and enter “Settings”;
  3. Now, in the new page, in the menu that is in the left part of the site, enter in “Notifications”;
  4. At the right side of the email option, click “Edit”;
  5. Through the three options highlighted in the image below, you can select which types of notifications will be sent to the email.

In addition to this configuration, if you still receive some kind of unwanted notification in the email, there will be an option called “Unsubscribe”, which is usually located at the bottom near the footer. When using this feature, that particular type of notification will no longer be sent to your email, and can be reactivated by the menu that you saw in the step-by-step of this tutorial.

Ready! Now, you already know how to get rid of annoying Facebook notifications, which are spamming your inbox in your email.


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