Spotify will no longer support independent artists to upload songs

In 2018, Spotify started a beta program where it allowed independent artists to upload their music directly to the platform for free. However, this program will end because Spotify said it makes no sense to the company or the artists.

In the official statement, Spotify clarifies that it is more advantageous for artists to make use of the company’s distribution partners, such as The Orchard and DistroKid. By the end of the month, the program will stop accepting songs and the existing ones will be moved with the help of Spotify.

Independent artists did not have great benefits with this program

For an independent artist who wants to launch into the music world, Spotify’s uploading program had only one benefit: recognition. Otherwise, his music would be exclusive to Spotify and if the artist wanted to distribute his work on other platforms like Apple Music, he would have extra work.

By using distribution partners, an artist ensures that your music reaches multiple platforms and more listeners. Additionally, artists have access to playback statistics and the ability to submit playlists.

Spotify for Artists is the best option that the company offers

Through Spotify for Artists, you can create an artist profile, choose a distributor and eventually even monetize your music. It’s a more versatile platform than a simple beta program where you loaded the song and nothing else.

You also have alternative platforms like TuneCore, which work not only with Spotify but also with iTunes, Google Play Music, Tidal and Amazon Music.

TuneCore offers several tools for the songs and states that the artist retains 100% of the copyrights of his work.

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