These smart glass can read your text message connect with smart speaker

You have come out of the house and forgot to turn off the TV or any electric device, then you will be able to shut down that device by giving commands to your glasses. Yes, this is possible. Canada’s startup company has made such smart glasses that will make everyday life easier.

Read All the alerts coming on mobile

  • A small projector has been installed in the Focals smart glasses. It can be customized according to the face. The most important feature is that it connects to the user’s home speaker.
  • This can give voice commands through the specs. It shows the mobile messages and reads it. Apart from this, it gives you all the updates of weather. If a task is fixed then it also gives alerts. That is, all the notifications coming on mobile are available on this smart glass.

  • This smart glass also comes with Ringgun Gadget. It has to be worn in the finger. Notifications are started as soon as it is turned on. You can use the ring as a joystick. Align the notification right or left with the help of a loop. Its lenses are holographic displays.

You can also control Smart Home

  • The company has given its demo by linking it to Alexa (Amazon’s speaker). After joining Digital Assistant, it can give several voice commands. Just like music play, listening to news, taking information about weather or controlling smart home can be done only through this smart glasses.
  • Glasses work 18 hours continuously after single charging. Its smart display is designed to be used from time to time.
  • Glass display is cleared once the command is given from the ring. Then it can be used like normal glasses. It is also prepared according to the lenses suggested by the doctor.

By the end of the year, the glasses will be available in Canada and the US

  • Glasses don’t have any effect of water or sunlight. At first glance, it does not seem that it is equipped with future technology. The user has to give a face measure once it is customized.
  • Its store has digital scanning of face. Based on this, this smart glasses are made. The company has started booking for its pre-order in the US-Canada. Its initial price is 75 thousand rupees.

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