How to set YouTube music songs on the Android alarm clock

Getting up early can be a problem for many. Thinking about it, Google has announced the integration of the Pandora and YouTube Music music applications into the Android Clock. Now it is possible to wake up listening to a different song every day.

The feature was added in version 6.1 of the standard Android clock app and was revealed on Twitter of the two streaming services.

This is not the first time that music apps can be used as an alarm. In the last year, Spotify was the first streaming service to gain support. Now there are more alternatives.

Using YouTube music songs on the Android alarm clock

To set up your alarm, the user must enter the clock application and click on the bell symbol. Once this is done, a tab will open to select the service of your choice for the song to be selected.

The options are vast and songs can be chosen from popular playlists or throughout the library.

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