Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could arrive with revolutionary camera

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still more than a month away. However, the leaks and rumors about the so anticipated top-end continue to arrive in great volume.

Once again through the renowned leaker Ice Universe, we learned that the main sensor of your camera could revolutionize once again. After introducing a variable aperture sensor in the Galaxy S9, the leaker states that the Galaxy Note 10 sensor will have 3 aperture levels (f / 1.5, f / 1.8 and f / 2.4).

This will be Samsung’s most versatile camera

In essence, different openings mean greater versatility. Being able to get the best possible result in different scenarios. If this information is confirmed, the Galaxy Note 10 will arrive with an intermediate aperture when compared to the Galaxy S10.

In addition to allowing better quality in low-light environments, the different apertures also allow you to gain versatility in the focus field. That is, you will be able to control much better how much of the image you want to have a perfect focus, and what you want to have ‘out of focus’.

In a very simplified way, the fact that it provides 3 levels of aperture, this main sensor will be able to act almost like three different lenses. However, it appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will arrive with a total of 4 rear cameras.

Will the Galaxy Note 10 be with eyes on the ‘crown’ of the Huawei P30 Pro?

The Huawei P30 Pro has a unique feature that so far no other manufacturer has managed to match, its periscope camera. In addition to the high performance in low-light environments, its zoom capability was what really made it stand out from the top of the range in the world of photography.

Although the Galaxy Note 10 should not have the same zoom capabilities, it is likely to get very close to the performance of the P30 Pro. Since its main sensor can vary between 3 openings, everything will be open for the possible features of the Galaxy Note 10. remaining 3 rooms.

Although not yet confirmed, it appears that the fourth sensor will be a ToF, which will ultimately enable professional-level portraits.

Recently it was confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be presented on August 7th. Of course, we will receive much more information until we reach “D-Day”.

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