How to easily resize images in MacOS, Windows and online

Not everyone needs Adobe Photoshop or other heavy-duty programs for photo editing. Some tasks such as resizing images are quite simple and you can do with native macOS and Windows programs, or even online.

How to easily resize images in MacOS, Windows and online

Here, you will learn how to resize images in a fast and convenient way, without relying on heavy software and/or proprietary software.

Resizing images in macOS

The packs have a native tool called Preview, which has a number of basic controls for editing and image manipulation, including resizing. It is the default system of the system to open figures, which makes everything even easier.

  1. Double-click the image you want to change;
    If the software is not the macOS standard, right click
    on the image, select Open With … and click Preview.
  2. Click Tools, and then click Fit Size …;
  3. Adjust the Image Width and Height;
  4. To keep the aspect ratio (do not distort), keep Scaling proportionally;
  5. Click OK;
  6. Click File, and then click Save (optional);
    The software has auto – save features ).

And that’s it.

How to resize images in Windows

Windows has two distinct programs for image manipulation: the classic Paint, present in all versions of the system and Paint 3D, unique to Windows 10. In both, resizing images is a cinch.

With Paint 3D (Windows 10)

  1. Open Paint 3D;
  2. Click OpenBrowse for files, and select the image you want to modify;
  3. On the top menu, click Screen;
  4. Adjust the Width and Height values of the image;
  5. To maintain proportions, leave the Set ratio box checked;
  6. Click Menu, and then click Save.

With the original Paint (other versions of Windows)

  1. Open Paint;
  2. Click FileOpen and select the image you want to modify;
  3. In the Picture tool set (the second, from left to right), click Resize;
  4. Adjust the Horizontal and Vertical values of the image (can be done in pixels or in percentage);
  5. If you want to maintain the aspect ratio of the image, leave the Keep ratio box ticked;
  6. Click OK;
  7. Click File, and then click Save.

And ready.

Resizing images online

There are a number of online services to resize images, from the simplest to the most specialized, and the quality also tends to vary widely. One of the most practical, and that delivers photos resized with good quality is the Fotojet.

  1. Access the Fotojet website;
  2. Click Open and select the image source (your computer or Facebook );
  3. Select the photo you want to manipulate;
  4. On the right-click menu, click Edit, and then click Select;
  5. Adjust the width and height values;
    To keep the ratio from moving, keep the lock icon closed;
  6. Click Save, choose a name and a format for the changed image;
    Click Save;
  7. On the next screen, click Save Now.

And ready; the downloaded image will be downloaded immediately to your computer.

Improving the quality of enlarged images

When we increase the size of an image, we have to deal with distortions and grains because no matter how good editing software is, there will always be quality loss in enlargements.

However, there are software and services that offer image optimization tools that greatly enhance the look of an enlargement. Among them is the Let’s, which is online, very easy to use and uses Artificial Intelligence features to enhance your images.

Unfortunately, it is a paid service and offers a test of only five free image optimizations.

  1. Visit the website of Let’s;
  2. Create an account (you can login with your Facebook login);
  3. Click the center icon and select the image you want to enhance;
  4. In the pop-up menu, select Photos and art and click Start Processing;
  5. The site will begin to process the image, which may take some time depending on the file;
  6. At the end of the process, point to the thumbnail and click Magic; the image will be downloaded to your computer.

And that’s it, now you have a higher quality resized image.

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