How to recover deleted photos from your Android phone

When cleaning up Android to gain space, several users run the risk of deleting pictures from the device by mistake and only realize when it’s too late. Unlike Windows, the Google system does not have a recycle bin, which means your files are deleted directly without an official possibility of undoing. Fortunately, you can fix this with the use of applications.

Available free in the Play Store, Disk Digger is an app that scans the memory of your Android smartphone for deleted photos. The program also allows the user to customize their parameters to increase the chance of recovery. Check out Techkhildi tutorial how to recover deleted images from Android.

1. Download the DiskDigger app from the Play Store;

2. Open the application and tap “Start Basic Photo Scan”. Grant the necessary permission for DiskDigger to access your media files;

3. Disk Digger will start listing photos that have been deleted from your phone. Locate your photo, select it and tap “Retrieve …” and select where to save them;

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