Beginners Guide to Rank New Website Higher on Google

Since you have started a new website, looking for a guide that specifically explains how to be at first position on Google to increase your site traffic. Here is a beginners friendly guide on how to proceed.

How to Rank on Google for free

First step is indexing your website. To index go to search console and submit your website. And then submit sitemap we leave you a link that could be useful for creating and sending the sitemap if asked by the Mountain View giant.

If everything went the right way, after a few days, your website should show up in the SERPs (the page containing all search results) in Google .

At this point, it is necessary to optimize the content on the site as indexing alone may not be enough. In this case, you have to arm yourself with a lot of patience as it could take a long time to appear on top of the SERP .

That said, to optimize the content of your website you need to rely on various SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques . There are no precise rules to follow to optimize a website since it is necessary to consider several things including the various updates made by Google to its algorithm .

The fundamental prerequisite for being able to climb to the top, however, is to create quality content. The algorithm used by Big G, to scan the various contents present online, takes into account more than 200 factors to determine what contents can be of interest to the user who carried out the search using his engine. This means that the more you publish quality content on your site, the more likely it will appear in the first SERP results .

To create quality and interesting content for users, you can take advantage of two free tools: Google Trends and KeywordTool .

Google Trends allows you to know in real time what are the most sought after topics of the moment and view their progress.

KeywordTool allows you to identify keywords related to main keyword and you can use these keywoards in your article at various places. It will help you to rank better.

Don’t make the mistake of repeating the keyword too many times as it isn’t much appreciated by Google. Otherwise, the contents will be penalized. This practice is called keyword stuffing .

The keyword must be inserted absolutely in the title, repeated in the text two or three times at most in a coherent and natural way (without forcing it too much), in the URL of the content (going to modify the slug), as a tag, in the meta description and in the attached images. In addition to composing the contents correctly, it is important to pay close attention to the structure of the site itself .

After choosing keywords you need to select effecting and catchy title. Title is the key to get more enagement from google results page. A good title can increase user engagement upto 50% or more. You can get title ideas using title generator tool. This will help you to frame title for particluar keywords, pick a title. However, it is suggested to modify title little according to your need and make it orignal.

How to be at top on Google with Google Ads

If you want to invest money on your website to be first on Google , then you can useGoogle Ads. It is a Web advertising service made available by the Google that allows you to place paid ads on top of the search pages and in particular among the first results of each search carried out by a user. In addition to this, Ads can be used without purchasing a monthly subscription and money is only deducted when the ad is clicked on by a user.

So to get started with Google Ads , carefully follow the steps below:

  • Open the default browser, connect to the official website of the Web advertising service and then click on the Start now button .
  • At this point, if requested, enter the credentials of your Google account and the name of the website.
  • Now, through the main Google Ads screen , press on Campaigns and then click on the + New campaign button twice in a row.
  • Once this is done, select the goal for which you want to carry out the campaign if it concerns a sale, website traffic, app promotion and so on, or choose Create a campaign without a goal , according to your needs.
  • Once pressed on the desired box, select the type of campaign among those proposed and click on Continue to continue with the creation. You will need to enter the keyword you wish to relate to the ad and enter information regarding the billing and payment of the advertisement.

More Tips to follow to be on Top on Google

In addition to the methods listed above, there are other parameters to consider when trying to optimize your website as much as possible.

Here they are listed below:

  • Avoid making grammatical and / or spelling mistakes as Google penalizes.
  • Look at the source code of your website taking HTML code, keywords, title tags, links and so on as a reference.
  • Create a website as clear as possible, make a beatiful background.
  • Be aware of paid automatic positioning programs that promise to position your website on the front page right away.
  • Create the XML sitemap well.
  • Make a robots.txt file here is link to create it
  • Keep the website up to date as it is a very important factor in being taken into account by Google .
  • Evaluate the speed and performance of the chosen hosting .
  • Dedicate passion and perseverance.
  • Take advantage of the measures made available by Google concerning SEO.

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