Protect your Aadhar data from leak

We are going to tell you a way to protect the Aadhaar data from the leak. With this you can lock your data

The government has instructed people to link their Aadhaar number with PAN card, bank account and many other things. Government wants to stop the frauds being done in the name of the Aadhaar. Aadhaar card contains biometric and demographic data. These include important information such as fingerprint, retina and photo identity. This data is very sensitive. We are going to tell you a way to save this data from the leak. This allows you to lock your data.

How To Lock Your Biometric Data?

  1. For this you need to first go to the UIDAI homepage.
  2. Here you have to click on Aadhaar Card Services. Then click Lock/Unlock.
  3. Now enter your 12 digit Aadhaar number. Add CAPTCHA too.
  4. After this, OTP will appear on your registered mobile number. Enter it.
  5. Now click on Enabled Biometric Locking in the page which will open.
  6. This will lock your Aadhaar biometrics.
  7. Congratulation only after clicking here! Your Biometrics is Locked. There will also be a message below that you will no longer be able to do authentication through fingerprint and Iris. For authentication, biometric lock must be temporarily unlocked. If you want, you can also disable the biometric lock. You will need to login again for this.
  8. If you want your Aadhaar card to be unlocked forever, then you will have to click the Disable button. After clicking the Disable button, your Aadhaar card will be unlocked forever.

Pay special attention to these things:

Once your Aadhaar lock is locked, you must have your registered mobile number if you want to unlock it. If you do not have a registered mobile number then you will have to fill out a form. This will allow you to update your mobile number. Only then the data will be unlocked. For this you have to go to the same option and click Enabled Biometric Locking. This will disable this option. This will unlock your biometric data again. However, it will only be unlocked for 10 minutes. After this it will automatically lock again.

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