Play Same Spotify playlist with friends

Do you know when the guys are at that party at your house and the fight starts because a lot of people want to change the song in Spotify and in the end everybody tries to connect their devices in the uncomfortable silence? So this fight seems to be nearing its end: the famous software researcher Jane Manchun Wong found that the platform has been working on the so-called “Social Hearing” feature.

This allows multiple users to control public lists by inserting and playing songs in the same playlist from different devices. In addition, it would be possible to hear and control the same songs on different devices in real time, from a scheme with QR code.

New Spotify feature lets you play the same playlist with friendsSource: Jane Manchun Wong

It’s worth mentioning that other platforms such as and already have similar features and last year the Discord gaming chat app also allowed something similar.

There is still no further details and the “Group DJ” has not been officially confirmed and there is no date for release. The Engadget spoke to a company spokesman. “We are always testing new products and experiences, but we do not have any more news to share right now.”

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