Now You can play Free Fire in the PUBG Emulator: Here’s How

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are seriously similar games. However, with a huge difference. Free Fire is made for all smartphones and PUBG Mobile is aimed at smartphones with more power.

However, some people prefer to play this game for PC. Playing Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is possible through Android Emulator for PC. Tencent Games, creator of PUBG has one that is light and quality. In addition, you can play other games than PUBG mobile.

Today the Free Fire emulator was added to the PUBG emulator. Although in the past it was possible to add the game to the emulator, now the game is listed in the Emulator. Playing is simple.

Soon after installing the emulator you just have to search for Free Fire and you’re done. You can start playing. In addition, the emulator is offered even greater ease of putting the keys to control your player. That is, it does not take thirty to one line to configure everything. Something other emulators fail seriously.

The rivalry between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire exists but the synergy is greater.

Although the games are identical, Garena and Tencent have been working together for some time. Both companies win by the popularity of both games. As I said, even if they are very different, they are destined to totally different audiences. Personally I prefer to play PUBG Mobile, however, it is several times that I get lost in Free Fire.

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