PC or Console: which one to choose for playing games

Is it better to buy a gaming PC or a console like Xbox One and PS4? Can you play more on PC or console? Here is a comparison between PC and console for games

PC vs Console: which is better for playing?

Gaming PC or console, Which one to choose?

In this article, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of two historically competing game philosophies.

Gaming enthusiasts have always faced this theme: is it better to buy a powerful gaming PC or is it better to buy a console like PS4 or Xbox One to enjoy the latest games?

Finding a definitive answer to this question is practically impossible, also because, in addition to objective factors, subjective factors always vary from person to person and make the choice really very difficult, sometimes impossible.

On websites, on social networks and on forums, users try to understand if it is better to play on PC or console, they ask which games are cheaper, which ones have the best images and which ones work best in multiplayer mode, but the answers are difficult to find.

To the rescue of all these users who can not choose whether to play on PC or console, however, today come the experts of Ballistix, the Micron Technology brand dedicated to memory and SSD for gaming, which have summarized in points the arguments of community of gamers in favor of one or the other option.

Of course, these arguments will not give us any light and will not take the choice in our place, but expert evaluations will certainly help us to consider all the factors in favor of PC gaming and those in favor of console gaming and maybe we can choose with greater awareness.

That said, let’s not waste time and let’s immediately see what are the motivations to choose a PC gaming and which ones instead to choose a console.

Let me know at the end of the article what do you think of this analysis and comparison between PC gaming and consoles and above all let me know which side you take on. 

PC or Console? Which to choose and why

A premise: a couple of aspects to consider

Budget: determining which PC or console is cheaper is difficult because a lot depends on the user. It is the level of customization and performance that you want to achieve to establish the size of your budget.

Technical skills: In general, PC players must have more technical skills than console players. On a PC, in fact, the updates can be much more extensive and cover all the hardware components, not counting the aesthetic parts such as the case. The only “technical” ability necessary for console players, on the other hand, is to be able to install sequels or game updates. 

How a gaming console is better than gaming PC


1. They are easy to use and cost less

Many players choose consoles because they are simpler to set up, manage and because they typically cost less than PCs. In addition, the latest consoles can be used to watch movies and TV shows streaming and listen to music: another point in their favor.

2. It is not necessary to update the hardware components

Compared to PCs, consoles were built by the manufacturer with the necessary system requirements. This means not having to worry about obsolete components. However, manufacturers are constantly launching new consoles in line with the evolution of technology, so there is a risk that the old ones will not support new games. One way to upgrade the console is to install an SSD, but on some devices it may void the warranty: a small price to pay to ensure faster and safer performance.

3. The multiplayer options are better

It is possible that most people in the circle of their friendships have a console. Thanks to multiplayer configurations (for example with in-game communication options and online game sharing) it is therefore easier to get together to play together.

4. Some games are exclusive to consoles

Several games remain exclusive of some consoles. It is better, therefore, to check before buying what systems offer the games you are passionate about because not all consoles make them available.

5. Wireless controller

Wireless controllers allow you to be more active during the game and in fact there are several games to improve physical abilities. 

How a gaming PC is better than the gaming console


1. It is possible to customize the hardware components

To assemble a gaming PC you can choose where, when and how much to invest on the computer. Some gamers prefer to have a mid-range computer and then change the hardware over time with the best components available while others prefer to buy a convenient gaming PC and make updates only when strictly necessary.

The three components on which gamers generally invest and are updated more frequently are: graphics processing units (GPUs) or video cards, memory (RAM) and hard disk or solid state drive (SSD). Many PC players prefer a solid-state drive because it offers higher speeds, longer life and reduced power consumption compared to a hard drive.

2. The images are better

One thing is to defeat the opponents, another is to see the victory with the best possible resolution. It does not matter if the graphics are integrated, if you use a graphics processing unit (GPU) or a video card, you can control the sharpness of the images on your computer. Do not forget then that with the PC you can also play on multiple screens at the same time.

3. More choice and control in gaming devices

PC users can choose from many more controllers than console players: mice, joysticks, steering wheels, etc. If the most important factor is accuracy, such as in first-person shooters, gaming mice for PCs are the best choice.

4. It is possible to rewrite the system or the game

Change the appearance, make the modding of the game itself: there are several possibilities for customization with a PC! Among the most interesting ones there is certainly the possibility to completely modify some aspects of the game.

5. PC games are cheaper

People often think about the costs involved in assembling a PC, but one of the least discussed advantages is certainly the cost of games, cheaper than the specific versions for consoles.


These were the points listed by Ballistix experts on the clash between gaming PC and consoles.

It is clear that the comparison between PC and console can not have an absolute winner. The choice depends on many aspects, but the important thing is to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing which platform to adopt. And then, of course, have fun!

What do you think of this comparison? Do you think there is anything or something is missing?

And above all, do you prefer PC gaming or console?

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