Next NVIDIA Shield TV will be perfect for the Google Stadia service

Recently there was some information about the next generation of popular NVIDIA Shield TV, having been revealed that it would arrive with a more powerful processor and running the Android Pie. Unfortunately, at the time no more specifications were revealed of what will possibly be the best Android Box ever.

New information revealed by The Digital Fix website points to a major focus on the new Google Stadia streaming service. These are not news that comes with great surprise, especially since the current NVIDIA Shield TV has already offered several options for gaming streaming.

Next NVIDIA Shield TV will be perfect for the Google Stadia serviceThe current model of NVIDIA Shield TV

The best of three worlds in one “box”

If you focus on Google Stadia, the new NVIDIA Shield TV may be the best Android Box ever. With support for all the features of Chromecast Ultra, Android TV and Google Stadia support, you’ll be able to offer the best of these three worlds.

Although it offers excellent gaming performance, the current Shield TV is the quality of its control, which is not as ergonomically designed as you’d like. Therefore, the new model will arrive with an improved command, which should offer a much better gaming experience.

In addition, the same source also revealed that an NVIDIA Shield TV without command included could be released. Clearly, this option will be created for users who have already invested in the official Google Stadia command.

What could make this NVIDIA Shield TV irresistible?

Shield TV has always presented itself as the best Android Box on the market. However, its price turns out to be ‘out of the budget’ of most users.

For this success to grow exponentially, this new version will have to affirm itself as much more than an Android Box. This is where the big focus on Google Stadia comes in and the development of a high-quality command.

If the expected success of Google’s game streaming service is confirmed, the new NVIDIA Shield TV can become the ultimate “hub” for your home. When presenting a cast device, television stream, multimedia center, and game console, its value becomes much more appealing.

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