New Memoji with iOS 13.4: here are which ones will arrive

With iOS 13.4 new Memoji arrive on iPhone: here they are in preview. Let’s discover the new Memoji that arrive on iPhone with iOS 13.4

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New iOS Memoji 13.4

Great news for all fans of iOS Memoji.

In fact, inside the beta number one of iOS 13.4, we find a series of new Memoji stickers, among which unpublished looks and accessories stand out.

If you also love Memoji and you really like to use stickers in your favorite messaging apps, you will be very happy to know that with the next software update you will find on the iPhone a new series of Memoji ready to send to all your friends, relatives and Colleagues.

But what are the new Memoji of iOS 13.4?

Apparently there are 9 new stickers available to users. Among these new Memoji, there are:

  • celebrating character
  • embarrassed person
  • person praying
  • person in love
  • person who blocks/rejects
  • amazed/frightened person
  • person who writes or works with a MacBook
  • person who snorts
  • person who rolls his eyes

At the moment these 9 have been introduced, but it cannot be excluded that other iOS will be added within the final release of iOS 13.4.

When does iOS 13.4 come out?

At the moment it is not known.

Considering that the first beta has just been released, it is assumed that the final release of iOS 13.4 can take place within 1-2 months at most, perhaps even earlier.

As soon as the new OS is available, however, we will let you know.

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