MIT-IBM presented a new AI Image Editing Tool

In the last two years, photo editing software has evolved a lot. With new artificial intelligence features, it’s now easier to manipulate photos as you need them. But this new AI tool made by MIT and IBM researchers lets you add, edit, or remove an object with just one click.

The new tool, Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Paint Studio, lets you upload an image and manipulate it without spoiling its original details. For example, if you add a tree or grass to the scene, the related objects will be rectified to make the resulting image more realistic.

Antonio Torralba, an MIT professor who is part of MIT-IBM Watson’s AI lab, said that this tool has a “strong personality” and will not take action if it thinks it would not fit the image.

All drawing applications will follow the user’s instructions, but you may decide not to draw anything if the user places an object in an impossible location. It is a drawing tool with a strong personality and opens a window that allows us to understand how the GANs learn to represent the visual world.

The researchers first tested the tool by removing certain objects in the scene and noting how the artifacts around the removed object were affected and used that data to train the algorithm to make realistic modifications when an object is added or removed.

The team used a two-part network to train the model. He used generators to create realistic and discriminating photo samples to identify the differences between generated and actual images. The discriminator input is used to modify the generator model to make it better at creating realistic images. This method allows you to test and improve other GANs by analyzing them for units of “artifacts” that need to be removed.

This tool can be used to manipulate images in a malicious way. However, the author of the article, Jun-Yan Zhu, believes that this tool will help researchers understand what kind of mistakes the AI ​​makes and eliminate the improper images.

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