Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Will Be Available For Nintendo Switch in July

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance superhero game is now an exclusive Nintendo Switch! Having already confirmed launch date for July 19, any fan can make the Pre-Reservation in approximately two months.

So, along with the Marvel Ultimate Alliance, more games join the exclusive range of Nintendo Switch! Such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate and even the next games in the Pokemon series.

What is the main purpose of the game?

There were many rumors and rumors spread across the Internet on the theme of the game, but today we finally had the confirmation. Unsurprisingly, this game is completely based on the latest Avengers movies, in which Thanos is the terrible villain and all superheroes will have to join in to defeat him.

But anyway why are most fans not very satisfied with the game?

Undoubtedly, the Marvel Alliance Ultimate game deserved a bit more than simply Switch exclusivity. After all, we are talking about a game that represents some of the most watched movies in the world.


We do not think it’s Nintendo Switch’s fault. Alias, we even think the company has been doing a beautiful job. Maybe it’s the fault of those responsible for the game because after all, it’s been a long time since the last game of the trilogy. And now on July 19 is released a game that does not really show us anything new.

Did the exclusivity of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance game go well with the Nintendo Switch?

In my opinion not … We all understand that the Nintendo Switch has improved year after year but still, it is still not powerful enough, nor has the number of consoles sold enough. To justify exclusive outside the games of Nintendo itself.

Is it fair for Marvel to deprive most players of playing the new trilogy game because of this new exclusive deal? 

Besides, what do you think about all this? Share with us your opinion, in the comments below!

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