How to make your phone full charge faster with these tricks

You have to go somewhere and you do not have time to charge the phone. You want your smartphone to charge quickly. Many times you may also feel that your smartphone is charging very slow. For this, we are going to tell you some easy tips that will help you charge your smartphone as soon as possible.

Charge the smartphone with the original charger

Many times we charge our smartphones with any charger. While this should not be done at all. Before charging the smartphone, please check its charger’s amperes and volts. If the right ampere or voltage of charger is not there then the phone will charge very slowly. Apart from this, the risk of battery damage will also be intact.

Do not charge with laptop or PC

Many times we start charging our phones from our laptop or PC itself. But if you want to charge your smartphone fast, you can put it straight for charging at the wall outlet (i.e. charging point).

Use of Fast Charger

You can also use Fast Charger to charge a smartphone faster. It increases ampere and voltage for fast charging. But this is possible only when your phone supports it.

Select Power bank by Battery Capacity

Many smartphones have high capacity batteries. In such a case, use the power bank of 10,000 mAh capacity to charge these smartphones.

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