How to make office open a blank document by default

When using the computer to perform work, be it office or college, the Microsoft Office suite is the main option for the task, due to its large number of features and easy to use. By default, when you open an application from it, you have the option to open a recent file, choose a layout for a job, or create a new blank file.

If you’re always creating files from scratch, this process quoted above, aside from being cumbersome, also causes you to lose a few minutes during the day. So one way to make Office start up faster is to perform one so that your applications always start with a blank document when you open it.


The process performed below only changes the way Office applications open. So, when opening a file instead of the executable of one of the programs, you will continue to edit them normally.

How to have Office always open with a blank document

The configuration to be performed needs to be done within the Office itself. The process below was done with Word open, but it can also be run in other programs like Excel or PowerPoint, for example. Check out:

  1. Open one of the Office programs normally;
  2. Choose the option to start a “Blank Document”;
  3. Click “File”;
  4. Enter “Options”;
  5. Uncheck the three options”;
  6. Restart Office.

The next time Microsoft Office opens, you will no longer see that screen to choose what to do, having the document blank instead. If for some reason you need to reverse the process, simply repeat the step-by-step and check the options that have been changed in this tutorial.

Remember that if you need all applications in the Office suite to open a blank document by default, the configuration must be done individually in each program.

Ready! Now, you already know how to make Office open faster by always using a blank document.

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