KODI: What is it, what is it for and where do I use it?

Most likely you’ve heard of KODI and maybe you asked yourself the first few times, “But what is KODI?” I’ll explain, KODI is software from the media center, software that started in 2002 under the name of XBMC and was there relatively little time that happened to be called KODI, an acronym more and more popular.

What is KODI for?

KODI does exactly what most media center (multimedia centers) do, but not only! In this media center, you can add add-ons and some of these add-ons allow you to watch streams and you have the advantage of being able to read IPTV lists.

I want to use KODI, how do I?

This is the most interesting part. This software is free and you can use it on most operating systems! Whether it’s Windows, OS X, Linux, Android or iOS (and second, it’s not necessary to jailbreak it to use it) you can download it through the official website. There you will also find various versions of this system, whether stable or still in beta (development).

KODI works on any mobile device with Android or iOS operating system, but is your smartphone screen most suitable for viewing your favorite movies and series? In my honest opinion, to be best availed, nothing like a big screen of a PC, Mac, Android Box or Tablets with a minimum of 8 inches, but this is my opinion.

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