Is WhatsApp safe regarding Privacy? NO, here’s the reason

Is WhatsApp safe? NO. WhatsApp will never be safe: word of Paul Durov Telegram CEO. This is why WhatsApp is not a secure program.

Is WhatsApp safe?

Many users think like me and have therefore decided to abandon WhatsApp to switch to Telegram, but many others are still (unfortunately) tied to WhatsApp and do not want to stop using it. And automatically, even we “faithful” users of Telegram are forced to continue using WhatsApp because otherwise, we cannot keep in touch with those who still use this messaging app.

After you have read this news, however, perhaps you will change your mind about WhatsApp and you too will decide to switch to Telegram.

If you are already using Telegram instead of WhatsApp, you will only have further confirmation on the correctness of the choice you made when you decided to drop WhatsApp.

Why is WhatsApp not safe?

We see below the reasons why, according to the CEO of Telegram, Zuckerberg ‘s messaging app is not (and never will be) as safe as his. The controversy, not even on purpose, comes a few days after the news of the spyware that hit WhatsApp.

In short, however, the creator of Telegram highlights major underlying issues with Zuckerberg’s application especially with regard to privacy.

But let’s try to better analyze what was stated by the creator of Telegram regarding the poor security offered by WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp is a “colander” of security according to Durov 

Following is part of the long course by Durov (creator of Telegram) in which he clearly explains all the dangers related to the use of WhatsApp.

“Every time WhatsApp needs to fix a critical vulnerability in their app, a new one appears to appear in its place.

Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp is not open source, so there is no way for a security researcher to easily check if there are backdoors in his code.

WhatsApp not only does not publish its code but does exactly the opposite: it deliberately obscures the binary code of their app to make sure no one is able to study them thoroughly. ”

In 2012, WhatsApp allowed to send normal text messages. It was crazy. Not only governments or hackers but also mobile telephony providers and wifi administrators could easily access all messages sent or received on WhatsApp.

Later WhatsApp added some cryptography, which quickly turned out to be a marketing ploy: the key to decoding messages was available to many governments.

3 years ago WhatsApp announced that it had implemented end-to-end encryption so that no third party could access messages. This coincided with an aggressive push for all its users to back up chat rooms in the cloud. Too bad that once this is done, the messages are no longer protected by end-to-end encryption and are accessible to hackers and law enforcement agencies. WhatsApp did not communicate this to its users.

Looking back, there was not a single day on WhatsApp’s 10-year journey that the service was ever safe.

A lot of people can’t stop using WhatsApp because their friends and family are still there. It means that we at Telegram have done a bad job persuading people to switch to Telegram. While we have attracted hundreds of millions of users over the past five years but this is not enough. Most Internet users are still held hostage by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram empires. Many of those using Telegram is also on WhatsApp, which means their phones are still vulnerable. Even those who abandoned WhatsApp completely are probably using Facebook or Instagram.

In almost 6 years of existence, Telegram has never encountered data loss or security flaws as instead happened to WhatsApp. In the same 6 years, we revealed exactly zero bytes of data to third parties, while Facebook and WhatsApp shared practically everything with all those who claimed to have worked for a government.

The age of greed and hypocrisy will end. An era of freedom and privacy begins. It is much closer than it looks. “

What do I think of it?

I can only be in TOTAL agreement with respect to what was stated by the founder of Telegram.

Clearly he must try to make his own interests and steal WhatsApp users, but all he says is TRUE, unfortunately, nothing was invented.

WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram take our data for free and resell it to anyone, collecting a lot of money. Telegram does not. 

Every day there is a new scandal related to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp flaws and to the fact that someone had full access to users’ personal and private data. This does not happen with Telegram. 

In addition to this, Telegram has many additional features compared to WhatsApp, it is a better program from every point of view, as well as being much more secure and complete.

Regarding this topic, I suggest you read our article dedicated to the best Telegram channels: you will discover that thanks to Telegram you can really do everything with your smartphone in just a few clicks, all in respect of your privacy and security.

Have all your friends read this article, push them to abandon WhatsApp and switch to Telegram: you will be safer, your friends will be safer and finally our personal and private information will no longer be sold to companies and governments at our expense.

Leave WhatsApp, go to Telegram too. Do it if you care about your privacy and the security of your personal data.

If you need help, have doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below and we will try to help you as soon as possible!

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